How can anyone justify an abortion?

You can't say that it is not alive at the point of conception(all cells are alive)
You can't say that it is ok if you've been raped. Its not the baby's fault, so why should it be barbarically killed?
You can't say that if it would have a birth defect because are you any better than Hitler?…

This is a very troubling question. But the fact of the matter is, abortion is immoral and it is wrong.

Now, I’m going to start with this point, considering I probably ticked off a bunch of people for this reason: rape. Rape happens, and women get pregnant because of that. These are terrible acts. I am not denying this when I say I do not support abortion. However, statistically, less than one percent of abortions are caused by rape/incest. While these acts are terrible, they do not justify the other 99 percent that do not have a legit reason. You can’t ignore the fact that 99 percent of abortions have no good reason for doing so.

The point to having a direct threat to the mother’s life is also a strong point, however, most doctors would agree in saying that rarely ever does a baby threaten any mother’s life. Many MDs have said this and statistically it makes sense. If it came down to that case, this would probably be the only time to abort, but technically that depends; does the mother value her life or her child’s life first? Then it boils down to ethics. A lot of people justify abortion by saying it opposes an immediate threat to a mother’s life, but this is truly not so. While it does happen, in most cases children are delivered and the mothers live on. While there is a tough process of getting there and recovery, it still rarely will ever kill a mother.

The definition of murder is “the act of premeditated killing with an evil intent.” Abortion doesn’t seem to fit the definition because the intent isn’t evil, but consider this:

A lot of people have casual sex and just expect not to get pregnant. A lot of people are programmed to think a child, a real human life, is the worst possible consequence of sex. When they do get pregnant, they just expect to abort the child. What is the evil intent here? Selfishness. “I don’t want to have this kid because it’s an inconvenience to me.” This is sacred human life we are discussing. And yet a lot of people regard it as a simple piece of trash. You made the dumb decision to have sex unsafely/without protection/before marriage and be promiscuous. An innocent human life shouldn’t suffer because of people’s mindless treatment of sex and their stupidity.

It is an undisputed scientific fact that life begins at conception. Anyone who says otherwise is naive and stupid.

Claims such as “the world is overpopulated……… more kids” is absolutely absurd and in no way, shape, or form justifies abortion. From that excuse, we should stop having kids. EXTINCTION, Y’ALL! If we were to take the entire world population and move it into the state of Texas, the population density would still be less than NYC. This claim is so dumb it really doesn’t even deserve mentioning.

The first answerer’s claim deserves no merit either. So just because you’re 15, poor, and still in school means that it’s OK to MURDER a human life? Hardly see any merit in that claim. Sex=Kids. Undeniable. If you choose to have sex you run that risk.
I love the claims, “You aren’t a woman. You wouldn’t understand.” So, just because I am inable of carrying a child means that I am incapable of seeing moral rights and wrongs? Women aren’t the only people capable of seeing the moral rights and wrongs of a situation.

A lot of people say abortion is OK for young girls because they “don’t know how to raise a child.” One, the parents of the pregnant child can raise their daughter’s child, and two, there’s always adoption. There are countless families out there who are dying to have kids but are incapable of doing so.

I love the whole “It’s a woman’s choice.” From that logic, we can conclude that all human beings are capable of choosing what they want. The child inside of a mother has that same right. Don’t discriminate on a kid because of its location; it is still a human being. I love the whole “For the first four months, it isn’t a real human, it’s only a glob of cells. It only has the potential to become a human.” Great logic. From this, I can justify murder! I can kill you because you have “the potential” to lead a normal life, and you may not. That point also FALLS.

Then there’s the point about it becoming black market. If we outlaw abortion, then people will have back-alley abortions and will probably die because of them. This is also, unjustified. We can’t say that we shouldn’t make law because people will break it anyways, albiet illegally. LSD and cocaine are terrible drugs that if legal, would severely harm Americans everywhere. Yes, they are illegal, and people still get them via black market and illegal dealers. The fact that it will “happen anyways” does not justify not making a law. When you see an immoral act happening, you must take action, regardless if a “black market” will be made for it or not.

And finally, the ever-classic “woman’s right to decide.” As I mentioned previously, the child that is living inside has the right to choose too. Second, no woman has the right to choose murder. Yes, there are cases such as rape and threatening the mother’s life that do seem to justify having an abortion, but those instances are so miniscule, less than one percent, that they don’t justify the other 99 percent that is an immoral practice.

Abortion.Is.Wrong. It is an immoral practice and I have no idea why it still occurs. Yes, rape is terrible. A woman shouldn’t have a baby forced upon her. Yes, if it threatens the life of the mother, abortion is a thing to consider. But these two extremely (Very extremely) minsicule occurings fail to justify abortion. Rape leaves scars. If a baby is going to kill a mother, it’s hard to decide. But those two things to not make it OK for women who don’t want to have a child because of the “inconvenience” to have an abortion.

Abortion is bad for all of those reasons. Don’t discriminate on a human life because of its location.

The Bible say “thou shalt not kill”. It does not specify when life begans. No one knew back then and really we still don’t. It does not say what not to kill. And, do you kill small animals and insects? And do you eat meat? That is killing too. I sure hope you don’t eat eggs! I don’t really “believe” in abortion at least not as birth control. But birth control can fail. I have seen men force their girlfriends to get abortions because they didn’t want to use birth control. And, it can be unhealthy for women. And, please note that very few abortions are performed now days. Any abortions are within the first three months. The so called “partial birth” abortion has to do with which comes first feet or head and not that the baby is able to stay alive on its own. It is most often done to save the mother’s life. Do you prefer to let the baby and the Mother both die? Do you prefer the life of a Mother with loved ones and other children to a fetus who knows no one and nothing and who may not live either? What if both Mother and baby die without an abortion? What do you think then? Isn’t it more murder to let both Mother and baby die than to let just the unborn fetus die? The fetus will die anyway without the Mother’s body! What is an abortion though? Is a woman letting her egg go unfertilized each month an abortion? If a woman is not pregnant all the time is this killing life? It is killing potential life and so is eating eggs. And, eating fertilized eggs, as many people do is murder if you follow the line of anti-abortion activitists. I hope the Pope does not eat eggs. And, he is wasting life potential by not getting married and having children. If all women were pregnant all of the time how would you feed all of those kids? Where would they go? People will die of starvation. Nothing would be achieved as everyone would be having sex all of the time to save the life potential held in sperm and eggs. Yet, it is funny that no one cares about the lives of these babies once they are born. And, we have a “pro-life” president who is supporting murder and massacres all over the world. Is that ok? If you are against abortion I hope that you are also against all and any war, eat no eggs, no meat, and are pregnant all of the time and adopt all of the unwanted kids. I also hope that you support socialized housing, medicine and all of the things which help the kids stay alive once they are born! I hope that you have a large house and a larger pocketbook. My parents who did not believe in premarital or extramarital sex and were highly religious (my Dad a preacher) said that the poor should be allowed abortions because the rich can always get them somehow. They just fly off to another country. And, they wondered why no one cares for these babies after they are born!

Well there are times when a woman can’t have the baby – for example either physical or mental healthy problems. And in this case, I think it is acceptable to choose saving herself rather than the baby.

And you are making a personal opinion and asking to have someone defy this for you. If I were to tell you like many others have that I felt it was ok if a woman was raped to have an abortion…. well we could argue all day now couldn’t we? Why don’t you bend over, and have someone violently rape you and then wear a sign around your neck that says you were violated. I am sure you would agree to this – but I would be you money you would not if it really came down to it. And even if you would – well once again we go back to the choice that you don’t have to live with that sign for the rest of your life. Even if you give the child up for adoption the pain is still there. Even more so if that rapist was your father, brother or some other close relative.

The other misconception you make is that people think an abortion is “fine and dandy”. Who ever said that making that decision is easy. You assume that women are going out and aborting as an alternative to birth control. I highly doubt that is the case. Whether a woman falls pregnant through rape or consensual sex I would be willing to bet many many many women who make the choice to abort or not do not do this lightly and the terms being fine or dandy about the process doesn’t come up. This is a heavy decision and for most of the women I have ever talked to – one that they have to live with for the rest of their life. For you to look down your nose at it, because you feel you know best for every person on earth, well shame on you.

Abortions occur naturally all the time but aren’t called that, they refer to them as miscarriages. If you are aborting your (not you personally) pregnancy for any of the reasons you have mentioned – rape, mental/physical defect (and I am not meaning something simple or livable with – but a sever problem) or the pregnancy threating health in any way – this is something that should be discussed (I think) between a woman and her doctor. There is no easy place to draw the line, but it may be a bit easier if there was an open conversation about it. I mean you aren’t always just dealing with an unborn baby’s life, but also a mother who last time I checked had a right to live too, right?

And I am not going to even argue with you here about life at conception. Personally I am far more ok with very early abortion – think like morning after pill or the first couple of weeks. But realistically there are times when you don’t know you are pregnant then. It seems to me that this is then a choice again for the woman and her doctor – not for the general population to duke out morally over the internet or otherwise. Personally I am against abortion, however you seem mighty arrogant and smug about the whole subject – I take it you have never been faced with this choice yourself? But you didn’t ask me if it was morally right sooooooo……….

So to answer your question – abortion is never fine and dandy.

Oh; a ‘man’ posing a question to do with women.

The only thing to consider here is that it’s NONE of your business what other people do with their body.

If you had your way pregnant teenagers would be going down back allies for their abortion and dying – yes, you really care about life, don’t you?

WHY have USians got the highest teen pregnancy in the world?
Because the only education you give your girls is abstinence.

“why killing an unborn baby is just fine and dandy”
No body has EVER said this – why do you lie.
Abortions are NEVER ‘just fine and dandy’.
It’s a traumatic experience a girl/woman goes through after weighing the options caused by an accident in most cases.

“You can’t say that it is ok if you’ve been raped”
It’s easy to see you’re a boy, isn’t it?
You have no idea about the mental scars caused by rape.
Your opinions are those of ignorant men who take their moral compass from the old Testament – you’re no better than muzlim – just as backward and just as barbaric.
Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to have rape victim stoned to death, too.

AND after all that, I am not in favour of abortion but I know that NO woman takes the decision to abort lightly.

How about you go get some knowledge and push that girls are never too young to find out how NOT to have babies.

I hate the thought of abortions. However, I can see someone trying to justify it when the mother’s life is in danger. I don’t know how I’d feel in a similar situation, but I’d still go through to term, and trust in God, rather than have an abortion.

I think abortion should be legal, but only to a point. There should definitely be restrictions– a thirteen year old girl should DEFINITELY have the option to get an abortion. How can a child raise a child? She hasn’t even undergone the second biggest development of her brain! However, I do not think that a person should get an abortion when the baby is past a certain point, she is of age, neither parties’ healths are threatened, and the only reason an abortion is asked for is things such as ‘it’ll delay my vacation’. (I’m serious, I actually heard that before.) Adoption is always an option. Also, for women with ectopic pregnancies, abortion should DEFINITELY be open!

Hate to tell ya but theres always gonna be suffering in the world so putting a kid up for adoption isnt gonna make much of a difference. and ya i do have friends who went through the foster system and it is traumatic but most kids arent adopted because they were taken away from a family and either have problems or are too old for anyone to want to adopt. however newborn baby’s have the best chance out of all kids to be adopted so your argument on that is pretty pathetic cuz 85% of the time newborns are adopted before they are even born.

So it is ok for you to bring more children to this world to suffer. If it’s given up for adoption and not adopted, the baby will end up in the foster care system… Do you know what that does to a child.

If it’s kept and wanted but there are no resources with which to support him/her then he will suffer scarcities.

If it’s kept but it’s not loved, he/she will be scarred for life and will grow up to be who knows what.

So how can you justify more suffering in this world. Did you know that in the U.S. alone the group of people with the highest poverty level are CHILDREN. It’s truly sad.

But hey, I stick to my previous answers. If the government makes abortions illegal then the tax payers thru the government should take care of all the needs of unwanted babies. Why should they suffer just because the majority of the population is pro-life?

And that life is sacred rant, no one believes. Strong opponents of abortion are usually the ones strong supporters of the capital punishment… Hypocrisy I tell you.

WOW! 85% sure sounds like a BIG figure I’m impressed. Oh yeah, 15% aren’t… So what happens to them? Oh yeah the whole foster care system story, and I thought my argument was pathetic.

It is not your place to decide what I or any woman does with her body. If you don’t like that then figure out how to get pregnant yourself. Until then you have no say.

I’m for it because it’s a woman’s right to decide. I’m not for it as a source of birth control.

You know its funny all the people on here who jumped on the whole rape thing. No where did Brian say that its the womans fault and i agree why should the childs life be taken away? I mean whatever happened to adoption? A 15 year old girl in school and in poverty can still give up her baby to a family who cant have children but desperately want one. The rape victim can do the same. Ive counseled countless women who have been raped and had an abortion and 95% of them feel horrible guilt afterwards over the baby. So you say its cruel to make a rape victim deal with carrying a child for 9 months but isnt it equally cruel to expect them to deal with the guilt of taking an innocent life on top of all the feelings from the rape? Even though i dont believe in abortion its still legal and a womans right so i dont hate anyone who has an abortion and even though i dont agree with the choice i still respect the decision.

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