Have your ever fallen in love for you friend's brother or sister?

And, it wasn't just puppy love?….did he/she make the 1st move? differecence in age? and ..did it ever work out? My friend, who I would say is now more of an acquaintance–well, has a bro. who's 24 and I'm almost 20….not saying I like him, but I did have feelings for him, now we're just freinds,…

I could have … he was kind and smart and really cute on top of it all. Sadly he died of a brain tumor at 17 … I wish I had been more open back then about my feelings but I was too young and wasn’t comfortable. Bring it up, it’s the only way to see if anything will change. If she is a good friend she wont look at you any different besides a little teasing and purposely embarrassing you from time to time until something happens or doesn’t.

I have actually been the sibling in this case. Me best friend dated my brother. There was a 5 year difference between the two of them. First, be honest with your friend. If you care about him, let her know, or at least do not try to hide it from her. Also, make sure to not put her in the middle of the relationship, because that will make her feel awkward. For me, my friend and brother dated, and then broke up, and it became a little odd for awhile. It was wierd to talk to my friend about how my brother had hurt her, or what really happened in the relationship. My best advice is to talk openly and honestly with your friend first, and then consider all your options from there. Good Luck!

I fell for my best friend’s older brother. I was sixteen, he was seventeen, turning eighteen. I told my friend that I liked him and she was fine with it. He made the first move. Real classy guy here – it was while I was spending the night at her house. I went downstairs to get a glass of water and he grabbed me and kissed me at the bottom of the stairs.. Completely amazing and suprising. We dated for almost a year and a half. I think we would still be together if my best friend and I hadn’t had a falling out. Blood is thicker than water and he chose to stand by her.

Such situations is always uncomfortable, the best way is to let ur friend know about how u feel, but not let her make up ur mind or her brothers. Its up to u two-u just being polite by letting her know too. Ive been on both sides of the fence-so i know

Yes, I was with my bff’s bro for 6 years, and we have a child together. I am no longer with him and unfortunately it has ruined my friendship with her forever. He turned into a ******, well I guess he always was but I didn’t see it, and now I am stuck with him in my life forever and she thinks the sun shines out of his ****.

well when i was like 15 i had a crush on my best friend’s brother and she thought that was cute. then a few years later when she was talking about some girl that liked her brother she was like “i hate when my friends like my brother.” so who knows

i have gone out with my friends brother when i was youger and it was fine my friend thought it was good unles her brother hung around as to muchwhen i was sleeping over thier house to start with though she wasn’t to keen about it but she got used to it and was fine with it

Go for it – you only live once!

hummm Bi very interesting


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