Greek Islands or mainland – what are the best family holiday resorts ?

We are looking at a family holiday fior 2011 (2 adults, 2 teenage girls – help !) and wondered what Greece might offer.
What do you think are the best resorts (mainland or isles) that offer : a bit of life ; good food ; slice of traditional Greek life ; boat trips ; watersports ; historical places to visit etc etc…

Greek Mainland you have tango, but Greek Island you have Marmango

You could try a Mark Warner holiday (up market resorts – forget what happened in Portugal recently!) There’s a nice one on the Greek mainland near Kalamata (San Agostino). I know it’s not an island, but I’ve found that the Peloponnese is a nicer holiday destination than the islands as it is more unspoiled – and still beautiful with great beaches. It’s a lovely part of Greece. MW is great for older kids as they have loads of activities.

There are too many things to consider before booking a holiday because it would mean spending the money that you saved for some months of working real hard. And I suggest you take time to surf the internet and read their website to know what exactly Greek Islands can offer you, thus giving you the right ideas. Check and see for yourself.

For a relaxing family holiday with safe, clean beaches and not overly touristy……

The best choice would be Paleochora in the South West of Crete.

Once people discover it, they come back year on year on year…

Really a magical place.

Check it out here:

There are a lot of places you can visit in Greece offering what you need, but I will suggest you some of them:

Santorini: its an island and its famous for its volcano, which you can visit by boat. The eruption of the volcano centuries ago caused the sinking of the 80% of the island! Also you can see some ancient houses. Furthermore, the island is very vivid and the sunset from “Oia” is a MUST SEE!

Crete: its the biggest island in Greece and the 5th biggest in the Mediterranean Sea, with lots to see, so its ideal for road trips (if you have a lot of a days). In Crete there is the ancient palace of Knossos, there are lots of archaeological museums, the gorge of Samaria, which is the biggest gorge in Europe, Spinalonga, the little island close to Crete which was the home for the people with Hansen’s Disease until 1957… Also you can taste the famous Cretan Cuisine and buy a cretan knife! 🙂

Very frequent clashes between Army and C.L.A. (Cretan Liberation Army) ! Dangerous for white westerners !

The Islands,Santorini,Crete,Kos ,Corfu,Chios,Rhodes to name but a few

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