For Adoptive Parents Only: Have you ever felt discriminated against for adopting your child(ren)?

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Lots of parents get discriminated against by jerks who think they’re superior somehow.

I once had a woman tell me that I had failed at childbirth because I had to have a c-section, and that I should be ashamed of myself for it. Just ignore morons like that, and enjoy your children.

I haven’t been discriminated against, no. Everyone says all the usual things about how brave and special I am for doing what I did. But my kids, that’s another story. There are constant reminders to them that they are on a different life journey than their friends. They can’t answer questions at school or at the doctor’s office because they don’t know the answers. If I didn’t do a lot of reading, I wouldn’t understand how much it affects them and all the things I need to do to try to help them. I don’t ever forget that the reality for my kids isn’t what the agencies promise. But no, the prejudice directed at me is all positive. People don’t understand how complex it is to be an adoptive family. They believe what the media tells them.

This is a loss you are affliction, even worse than a demise of a adored one. Just as with a demise, the complete encompassing emotions of loss have a tendency to depart very step by step. You by no means overlook, nonetheless, feeling loss is one hundred% anticipated. At the identical time, I urge you to talk about this sense along with your physician. It can set a baseline of ways depressed you’re feeling. Birth within the pleasant of occasions can also be an awesome enjoy stuffed with feelings of comfort, grief, pleasure, and despair. The hormonal results are by and large overwhelming to a few females even if they maintain the little one and feature the pleasant of occasions occurring. By hanging the little one for adoption, it makes the crisis even tougher. My prayers are with you. I realize it’s rough! If you’ve gotten any extreme disorders, equivalent to feeling suicidal, or simply now not feeling like getting off the bed in any respect, then name your physician.

Yes; in this forum ALL THE TIME! But seriously, in the real world, also.

Everytime someone assumes that you gave birth to your child and when they find out that you didn’t, then you are lesser of a woman or lesser of a parent.

Everytime someone says “what were his REAL parents like”? As if I am not considered a “real” parent because I didn’t give birth.

So yes, I do feel discriminated against, but for us, it is worth it every time we look in our son’s eyes and realize how much we all love each other and the beautiful family we have all created.

Insensitive or ignorant questions, yes, but that is different from being discriminated against. Often people don’t understand why it is rude to call kids adopted as if it is a label instead of something that happened once in their lives.

I’m not a parent but my mom has adopted 7 kids and when we go out people always give us strange look because they are all different ethnicity’s…i don’t know if this has happened to any of you but we just ignore it

No. Have i had some intrusive questions regarding my daughter’s story? Yes, but not in a discriminatory way.

They are with reason discriminated against if they adopt from another country. Wont admit they wouldn’t have even THOUGHT of it before the celebs done it so why should they? Also they want to help others well help your own country first because how you meant to help them if you cant help yourself.
America fails so hard. Wont even help stop global warming because “Its not us!!!”

Honestly, a big N O……..Who in the world would discriminate?????? Ignorant people, that’s who!

never! it’s all been positive!

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