Does anyone agree regarding Britney Spears?

I think the media is disgusting. I am not a Britney Spears fan. I think her music and singing abilities are not up to par. However, I am so disgusted with the some of the postings and newspaper headlines, calling her a “lard,” “teletubby,” “fat” and “gross.” This is a 25…

I am not a fan of hers, and from what little I saw, she was neither prepared for the dancing, nor for lipsyncing the song.

However, she is certainly not fat.

If so, I could only wish that all women would aspire to that level of fatness.

The responsibility goes both ways here. She chose to wear her underwear on stage instead of her clothes, and while I didn’t think she looked fat, the bottom line is that her underwear was not flattering at all. She could have worn something classy or even, like, actual clothing, but she chose to go with the coochie pole-dancer look, despite the fact that it looked bad on her. I find it hard to imagine that not one person told her that she looked awful – she obviously made yet another bad decision. I do think she needs to check into a clinic, but in this case she bears a lot of responsibility for bringing the criticism upon herself. She could have chosen a decent wardrobe that flattered her figure. She could have worked on her routine harder and skipped the partying. Now she’s paying for it. Hopefully she’ll hit rock bottom and find that the only way to go is up, and she’ll get the help she needs.

I love Britney and I hate it that everyone is picking on her. Just leave her alone, I doubt that a journalist/paparazzi would handle depression any better than she does.

I don’t like what you wrote about Paris, Nicole and Lindsay. Discriminating a skinny person is just as bad as discriminating someone who is overweight.

Well I think that her choice of clothes were unfortunate. It was not flattering for her body type at all.
There are a lot of things that she could have worn that would have made her look better.
Case in point : Alicia Keys is not the skinniest girl around but she looked great by covering up!!

That’s all I asked…if you have the confidence to parade around in your underwear for MILLIONS to see, be prepared for the backlash if it’s not cute. And it wasn’t…

i think all of this paparazzi bashing media is just disgusting. okay maybe britney spears career is over and she just doesnt realize it, but that doesnt mean they can be so hurtful… these are ppl too! and ur right. britneys body is great for her circumstances. but we need to let the celebs do their movies and not get so obsessed with their lives. personal opinion…

CELEBS ARE PPL TOO! even if they dont look it sometimes…

The media shouldn’t be doing that–she has enough on her plate as it is, y’know? She doesn’t need another thing to go berserk about.

She just needs to check herself into a regular rehab clinic and possibly a temporary asylum, just so she can get away from it all for as long as it takes for her to recover. She’s not crazy, she’s just acting like it! Depression kills, man. She needs to get serious help.

Hey as far as her being fat, that’s absurd. Society is so critical about weight period that anything over 125 is fat to them. As far as weight she is completely fine. Now, her trying to perform in her under clothes is ridiculous to me. Her performance was horrible, and that should be the only thing that they referenced as they analyzed her today.

I think she doesnt have to be with her look.. I think the way she sings. it’s not very correct.. to do playback .. I prefer singers like madonna.. britney is not fat… only she didnt sing that song.. on mtv music awards

she needs a year off. she can afford it. then sit back and think about it all. she needs to hook up with timbaland and diddy to get the ball rolling again. toss the ex leech- husband of hers to the curb. then smash it good. she is not fat and if that is fat? i would love to be fat! love you Brit! at least she didn’t brawl and get kicked out, VMA’S you know, thats good.

I agree she looks like your averge 5’5 145 lb woman shes not fat but I think there comparing her to her normally toned 6 pack physic but yeah they r wrong but its the media **** em … lol and paris has actually gained weight and looks rather curvascious noow people r calling her fat?? go figure…

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