Does anybody else believe that Gordon Brown and the labour party are selling us out..?

Does anybody else believe that Gordon Brown and the labour party are selling us out to his communist Chines masters through the European union.?

About time each citizen put in a bid to make some money! Sell-out …. ?

Yes, I think government ministers have lost touch with the electorate and with reality. I think that happens to all governments at around the 9 year point. Ordinary Labour members are tearing heir hair out right now, because they know this is so, and can do nothing about it. However, do you think any of the others in David Cameron’s party are more in touch? I don’t. Correction too, to a few points. Gordon Brown was not educated at a Public School. He went to Kirkcaldy High School, a council school in Fife. His three children were born in NHS hospitals, and the death of Jennifer was widely publicised. I agree with you about council housing. But the reason councils didn’t do as you suggest was that Thatcher legislated so that they weren’t permitted to use the money from council house sales to reinvest in housing. You probably guess I’m a Labour member, and you are right. But I don’t have an answer to the current problem – maybewe should thing about nobody being allowed to serve in a cabinet for longer than one parliamntary term, and no MP being allowed to serve more than 15 years?

Indeed YES, although I am not so sure about selling us out to China. Brussles is running the E.U., very much along the lines of communism, so I wouldn’t be surprised if China is behind them in some way or another. Why else would the Government insist a Chinese language is taught in British schools?

The way China is fast taking over Africa and other third world countries, it won’t be long before they have the whole world under their command.

The labour government destroyed Britain and sold you to the highest bidder. Tony Blair ran off like a scared rat and left the dimwitted Gordon Brown to take all the flak.

Unfortunate, but the people did nothing about it and still continue not to. You keep on voting Labour, you keep on getting shafted.

Only about 90% of the population in the UK. Why do you think that we are not given a referendum on membership of the EU? because the vote would be 10% to stay and 90% to leave and B’liar and Brown want to be able to join the gravy train in Brussels.

Yes.. new Labour have been selling us out to Europe for the last 10 years…now 80% of our laws are made there by unelected officials, depriving us of our democracy. They have simply treated those Euro MPs that wanted a referendum for the people, like lepers and scum because the E.U political elite are on the E.U gravy train and no one is going to slow it down for a mere thing like democracy.

yes they have

as far as i can see this pretty well explains it all. read the link

we have been sold out the communist EU for 30 pieces of silver and the queen got her share as well

there is a very large chance we will not have another general election
The European Union has the constitution of a dictatorship, the laws of a police state

MOST DEFINATELY, one way to rid the country of brown is to get an independance movement going and when successfull brown would be unemployed as he does not have a seat in england also he does not have a seat in the scottish parliament either

Hahaha. Well, considering he is an alien hiding in a man’s body, plotting to destroy the earth… No. (I read it in the Daily Mail so it must be true!)

Long overdue to get rid of these backstabbing stealth taxing hippocrites

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