Do you consider Al Jazeera to be a more or less biased news source compared to other news? Why or why not?

Well consider two things that are suppose to be anathema to Liberals here in US.

Big Oil and a State owned media. Of which Al-Jazeera is both. Does not seem to stop Al Gore from showing his hypocrisy on the matter. Eager to sell to a Big Oil/State owned service. Hurriedly doing so to beat the new tax rates. Kindly note that Current will be shut down. It;’s facilities used to make an affiliate of Al-Jazeera proper.

I consider both Current and Al-Jazeera biased sources. At least Al-Jazeera makes no false claims of being open minded and “fair.”

It depends on the individual journalist, although there is an obvious Islamic bias in all of the stories. Still, they are more accurate and less biased than Fox News most of the time.

The good thing about having both of those extremes available is that you realize that CNN and CBS are actually balanced and professional. Without Al Jazeera the boys at Fox can pretend that MSNBC are the extremists, when they are actually pretty mild and middle of the road.

All news sources are biased, so of course Al Jazeera is too. I think they are middle ground. Some news sources like FOX are even more biased IMO.

nicely evaluate 2 themes that are anticipate to be anathema to Liberals top right here in US. vast Oil and a State owned media. Of which Al-Jazeera is the two. does now no longer seem to furnish up Al Gore from showing his hypocrisy on the keep in mind. wanting to sell to a extensive Oil/State owned service. Hurriedly doing as a thank you to triumph over the warm tax expenses. Kindly observe that modern would be close down. It;’s centers used to make an associate of Al-Jazeera suitable. I evaluate the two modern and Al-Jazeera biased supplies. a minimum of Al-Jazeera makes no pretend claims of being open minded and “honest.”

Al Jazeera is known for it’s anti-American, anti-Israel bias. Al Jazeera was sympathetic to Osama bin Laden and was the source used by Al Qaida to air their propaganda recordings. Also, Al Jazeera produced many documentaries portraying bin Laden in a positive light.
Anything else you want to know?

It depends. They’re pretty good on Middle Eastern affairs – which is obviously their main focus – because they have so many journalists on the ground. They have a pretty clear anti-colonial agenda, but I certainly don’t find that any more off-putting than the pro-Western agenda of most American-based news sources.

I consider them to be one of the best news broadcasters. They have reproters of many nationalities all over the world who report on all sorts of issues in a largely unbiased manner. Unfortunately, I have never seen a totally unbiased news source

Most Americans have no idea what al jazeera broadcasts. They just see an Islamic name and become irrationally unhinged.

I’ve heard they occasionally produce some decent segments. Hell, even NPR has a few good ones from time to time.

But consider them free of bias, especially in regards to Islam’s role in world terrorism? Sorry. I’m not going to buy that one.

They are about the same as others.

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