Do Jews believe Jesus was resurrected but only that he wasn't the Messiah?

There are lots of Jews around here that acknowledge Jesus's existence and proudly state he was a practicing Jew and all that, so do they acknowledge his resurrection but just don't believe he was the Messiah (for all the reasons they have such as he wasn't from the House of David). Some Jews don't…

No… in Judaism no person gets resurrection.

Not one single person say Jesus resurrected. A few people claimed to see an empty tomb. This proves nothing. Jesus was rejected because he did not fulfill the requirements of the true messiah. Sorry!

How many times do people have to tell you that Jesus is irrelevant to Judaism and Jews rarely think about Jesus?

There is NO “proudly state he was a practicing Jew” – the only time Jews care whether he was or not is when Christians try to say Jesus wasn’t Jewish and rationalize hatred of Jews.

How can you continue to be so ill informed about Judaism?

answer: Jews could care less about Jesus and his miracles except to point out that miracles are a sign of a false prophet, not the Messiah.

answer: Jews don’t believe he rose from the dead.

answer: He wasn’t from the line of David. He failed in the prophecies.

answer: Jesus isn’t relevant in Judaism.

The problem Jews have with the Christian messiah is that he is thought to be divine. Any Jew who worships a divine messiah is no longer accorded any privileges in the Jewish community. S/he can return to the Jewish community only upon repentance of worshiping a false god.

*Nothing* can be added to the Hebrew Bible. Christians have attached their new testament to the Hebrew Bible, but its contents are irrelevant to Judaism!

No, they don’t believe that jesus was resurrected.

Keep in mind, though, that the vatican doesn’t really believe that, either. According to a book approved of by the vatican, the resurrection is true in a spiritual sense. But not a physical one (this is in response to a contradiction in the new testament regarding where the resurrection took place).

Nobody comes back from the dead and God would never appear as a mortal human.

We were specifically warned about miracle workers that were all around at the time. You DO know that Christ wasn’t the only one performing miracles, right? Many religious heretics did the same thing but just never became famous for it or got another religion out of it.

He was a nice guy, a righteous man, but the son of God thing is a bit of a stretch.

Many Jews do not have any dispute with the historocity of Jesus (as opposed to some atheists who are not convinced that Jesus existed whatsoever)

Judaism does not teach about Jesus whatsoever. its simply not part of Judaism.

I’ve NEVER heard ANY mainstream Jewish belief that has any recognition towards jesus’s alleged ressurection. theres just no opinion on it one way or the other.

If they don’t believe he was the Messiah, how could they believe he was resurrected? Being resurrected would mean he was more than just a man or a prophet, and they don’t believe that.

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