Dick Cheney to jail… fear politics?

In the latest news on the Bush administration’s

Torturous terrigations, Cheney has been caught in a lie. Their has been a recent outrage concerning alleged “combatant in arms”, as the Bush Administration classified them. Recent memos have just been released by the Pentagon warning the Bush administration that…

This sounds like scripted DNC or MoveOn.org rhetoric. Meaningless drivel.

We should address the issue of torture ourselves – before Spain or someone else does. And it should be now to maintain, or perhaps regain world credibility.

Don’t worry about the GOP – they are shooting themselves in the foot. We don’t have to criticize them – all they have to do is talk and the rational people know better. It is disheartening because a healthy democracy needs two or more viewpoints to create a balance. The GOP is so far right that the Democrats pretty much have to do it themselves – cases in point: Obama has made decisions that anger liberals. Senator Evan Bayh does not always side with the party.

Party and talking points aside Cheney broke the law and should be tried. He and Bushie should had been impeached and would had been if the Democrats had more of a spine for the past eight years. We impeach a president for a ******** but for lying about reasons to go to war and touture we let bygones be bygones??

So where’s your f***ing question? I read a Daily Kos rant in here somewhere, but nothing that is remotely intelligent , rational, or resembles a question…

Your idiotic rant is so polluted and biased that there isn’t even a way for a normal human being to get through to you. So I appeal to anyone that knows this P.O.S….pull some Sharia law on his a$$ and take him out. He’s polluting our air…

I stopped reading after the first line after realizing I could swap out Cheney for Pelosi. Hay maker.

YES! and it is CRIMINAL
for the Commander in Chief to sit on his @$$ in a photo-op after being told
“AMERICA is under attack”

The Whole political fiasco is WRONG
If Obama will NOT bust Bush, then he is guilty of obstruction of JUSTICE!

Ask Questions … DEMAND ANSWERS!

Lets Roll!

My belief is that we need to do what we need to do to keep US from an attack. I do not want US attacked when key information is not gotten because of policy.


The MoveOn writers can actually spell, and use proper grammar and punctuation.

Don’t worry, I hope they do take this to trial. Everyone will get dirty in this one. Bring it on OBOTS.

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