(Caution: my details are very long) Do you hate it when people ask overly personal questions in Yahoo?

I got a BA for saying that people who ask “What is your greatest fear” are abusers. The asker gave it to me so he or she could could throw that “Our greatest fear isn't that we are inadequate…” quote at me.

Here is the response I emailed to…

well, if you don’t think it is wise to share personal information, then just leave it and don’t let yourself be provoked into an argument which indeed includes a lot of personal information.

e-mail is in no way safer than let’s say foolbook when it comes to homeland security and profiling.

“Francois, so shall we go back to the stone age?”

i am afraid, that i don’t fully understand your indication.

they didn’t have a rich language and scripture in the stone age,
so verbal articulation, as well as writing letters and books remain an option.
half a century would suffice.

hopefully i didn’t misunderstand your hint.
if so, i hereby request a clarification.

“Also, can you not tell the difference between CHOOSING to share vs. being conned into it by an overly personal question?”

I guess in most cases i can.
But this game requires at least two players.
And if you are smart enough to see a con trying to lure you into something, then you must be smart enough to resist the provocation as well.
Or generalize a personal response to an extent which leaves no personal traces whatsoever.

I see your noble intention to reveal to others that they are giving their personal data to shady persons and organizations without a second thought,
but the harsh reality is:
most of them don’t care and will continue no matter what.

Maybe you’re being a little paranoid.
1) Very few people out of those who ask those questions actually have this kind of agenda. I’ve asked a question on the Adolescent section of the forum just yesterday, in which I was asking kids to make a short list of some of the things they frequently worry about… and the reason behind it was that I’ve read so many retarded questions in there, that I was starting to worry that this is all that the whole generation cares about.

2) Corporations do their advertising based on wanting, not fearing. They do use all kinds of psychological tricks to make people keep buying their stuff, but they tangle with our greedy side of responding emotionally. Trust me, whatever corporation would create a series of ads that instill fear in viewers one way or the other, would experience a sudden, dramatic lowering of sales. It’s just not what makes people tick.

3) You do choose to share something when answering such a question. You might as well click the Back button and not answer if you don’t want to, since the questions are not directed at you in particular.

This is breaking my heart because it IS true and I have been VERY guily of bringing out personal issues. But my intentions were to help connect people for their own knowledge bases to grow, and I still believe in that. I am well aware of it when I get an ‘eerily personalized’ ad campaign trying to sell me things and other insidious psychological manipulation practices. I suppose others may be tricked by it. At the very least, it messes with our minds. I enjoy this myself, as it keeps the past from controlling me simply because it was the same as this only with flesh and blood people.

But Hiram!? What can I do to bring about all of the wonderful things that have been done here without the personal details? Is it the same when we try to keep it to private email? NO. I love this forum and it enriches my life, I can be myself here, and I have met people who whether or not are actually as they say, are presenting themselves as who they want to be, and are so very interesting and caring and diverse! Even those that are unpleasant are so unique, and never before have I seen such understanding at the moments when people need others. So I am now completely lost in duality, just as I am by that dang phrase, ‘but most of all I do respect the powerful destructive force of neglect.’ I am torn between feeling sorry for myself for being neglected and guilt of neglecting. I can’t seem to shake it. I love your mind, HH, and even when we disagree your points are valid and you are aware of so many underlying issues that I often fail to grasp without having them spelled out for me.
Thanks for this question. It was an unexpected turn of events, great timing too, as I have finally escaped Vegas.

Now see what I did there, i.e. personal info inadvertantly? Wow. A million things that could happen while doing something like this. Big brother is watching and he has too many eyes to hide from.

Depends on my question and the answer I am looking for but normally long thoughtful answers. But a more relative question would be would you rather want a lot of short answers, or a few long answers that don’t mean anything. I always get long meaningless answers that don’t even answer my question Long thoughtful answers are better becuase they give you a more rounded answer rather than a bunch of repeated information. Many short answers for a poll. So for this category i would want people to write long answers or many short answers.

I don’t really hate any question…be it personal or impersonal.

What is there to ‘hate’?!?

If I feel like sharing, I will…otherwise, I move on to the next one.

Aren’t you a bit ‘over-reacting’?

This is not like someone is asking for your address or bank A/c no.!!!

At worst this could be considered as ‘chatting’. So you are free to report and get it removed, if you feel it is ‘threatening’ in any way.

I can see where you’re coming from…a victim’s anger…justified, to some extent! But are you sure you’ve chosen the right target? You could’ve put forward your viewpoint in a nice, friendly manner too. I guess, its more effective that way, instead of putting other in defensive position…

Just saying…

I think there was really no need to send one LONG *** email about a quote.

I can tell you re a man on a Mission thinking you can take over the world, and that you have some secret to share and are so much more enlightened than everyone else, well bad news – YOU’RE NOT

This is an open forum – all questions are valid, personal or not. If you think the question is too personal, don’t answer it. As for the fear issue, I agree that “what do you fear” is not necessarily a personal question – it just depends on the person. I have a fear of freeway driving… is that too personal? lol!

Hopefully, we are all here to share and learn. When we ask questions, we should ask because we are truly interested, not just to prove others wrong… ask because maybe… just maybe… they might prove us wrong, and wouldn’t that be something?

The people on this site who “self censor” by reporting questions they feel are too personal, too confrontational, too controversial… they are doing us all disservice by limiting the information to what they deem appropriate. I say let me see everything posted and I’ll choose for myself what is appropriate for me… and if it’s not appropriate for you … DON’T READ IT…. how hard is that?

I don’t care one way or the other. Hope this helps.

It doesn’t hurt me because I can ignore it and/or block the user.

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