Battle of Overrated: Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior + GCW adrenaline?

GCW adrenaline

Dark Match
Christians #1 Peep vs. MA Beast King

Match 1
Black Captain Charisma vs. Maximum Impact

Match 2 for #1 Contedership for GCW IC title
Rated R Jericholic vs. Fizzrad

Match 3
E&C Connection vs. The Main Event

Match 4
13 Times the King of Kings vs. Gold Standard…






Well here I am again after my crushing defeat from one fateful mistake by of course OUR champion KOK.
See I have a match against Undisuted Jericho and I will show everybody that I deserve everything that goes MY way.
I would be the happiest person if I get to even kick the stuffing out of your head.
You see I WILL make sure I get to beat you because as you see what you’re holding that’s MINE.
See that is MY property and you know what we do from people who takes other people’s property from the place I’m from.
We chop their HANDS off to teach them a lesson never mess with people like us.

Call me tormented call me sick that’s how it goes in there and surviving in that kind of environment is a great achivement so don’t be surprised if one night you’ll feel the same shít that I felt for years!!!
How I took something that rightly belongs to ME but then I still got that you know how hard that is.
While walking feeling that cold steel of the gun pointe at your head so you’e forced to do the way that some people want.
I bet you our paths would cross and if it does I will assure you I’ll get that title that is rightly MINE.

But that’s in the future tonight I’m against Undisputed Jericho.
Sorry but with that mistake I’m not in th mood.
So if I even accidentally injured you because you are one of my opponents in my first match.
It would’ve been easier for me to keep BOTH of my eyes on one opponent without aving you swarming about on the ring like a little fly distracting me on my main goal.
That’s why tonight I have both of my eyes on destorying you in that ring to make people notice the loud message I had been trying to inform you all.
That GCW is MY show and that I AM GCW.
UJ you’ll ave to hear that message out and clear for the whole world to witness the presence of RNW be felt in every single one of you that hasthe privelege of watching me in MY ring.
I wouldn’t leave in that ring until people would beleft speechless about how I’ll show NO REMORSE on my opponent lying there nor even capable of even moving his onw 2 hands let alone fight back.
So make sure you watch the main event when YOU realise that I AM GREATNESS.
So UJ prepare for one hell of a beating better yet just go MONG yourself to death.
It would be damn hell easier.

Just a promo only kayfabe

I like Hogan more

BTW GSAE fúck you and your beliefs!!!!!

MA Beast King
Maximum Impact
Rated R Jerichoholic
The Main Event
Gold Standard Awesome Edition

PROMO: **Backstage Announcer**: Undisputed Jericho, What Are Your Thoughts On The Royal Rumble Match This Past Sunday And What Was Your Reaction To It?

Undisputed Jericho: Hold On Just Second. What The Hell Are You Talking About? I Lost The Rumble Match Ok? Is That Good Enough? You Pathetic Announcers Continue To Bash Us On Our Loses. I Would Just Like To Remind You That I Am The Best In This Company, I Am The Founder Of GCW And I Demand To Be Respected More! So Either Interview And Ask Decent Questions Or Shut The Hell Up!

**Backstage Announcer**: Uhh, Sorry Sir. Moving On.. So Everyone Has Been Wondering, Your Announcement At The Royal Rumble Was Confusing. You Said That Your Starting An Alliance With Other GCW Superstars Maximum Impact And Rated R Jerichoholic? What Was That About?

Undisputed Jericho: Well You See, After GCW Being Active For A Few Weeks, I Realized That Some Of These Underused Stars Deserve Better. They Have Potential To Be Next Generation Stars In GCW. I Am Willing To Make Them Stars, So I Offerred Them To Join A New Stable In GCW, And That Stable Is The Main Event Mafia! They Have Agreed To Join, So Its Official. We Will Begin Our Dominance In GCW Very Soon! And I Guarantee That Others Will Soon Join!

**Backstage Announcer**: Interesting. But Lets Move Onto Tonight. Your In The Main Event Match Against Rock N Wrestling Connection, The Man Who Lost Against 13 Times The King Of Kings At The Royal Rumble. What Are Your Thoughts On Tonights Match:

Undisputed Jericho: Look, Rock N Wrestling Can Criticize Me All He Wants, But Lets Just Put It This Way. It Is Easier Said Then Done. Rock N Wrestling, You Say Your Going To Injure Me? Hahaha, Then Bring It. Im Not Afraid Of You One Bit, And If Anyone, You Should Be Afraid Of Getting Injured. With The Main Event Mafia By My Side, It Is Nearly Impossible For You To Win! Good Luck RNW, ‘Cause Your Going To Need It!

PROMO: What the hell has Fizz ever done to earn a shot to step into the ring with true greatness-me! Fizz isnt even in my league! I..I AM THE POSTER BOY FOR GCW! I am the greatest this, this WORLD has ever seen! Yet my opponent is this worthless piece of trash? Fizz, you are in for the beating of your life! Get ready to get hurt!


Dark Match
Christians #1 Peep vs. MA Beast King
Winner: Christians #1 Peep

Match 1
Black Captain Charisma vs. Maximum Impact
Winner: Maximum Impact

Match 2 for #1 Contedership for GCW IC title
Rated R Jericholic vs. Fizzrad
Winner: RRJ (Me)

Match 3
E&C Connection vs. The Main Event
Winner: The Main Event

Match 4
13 Times the King of Kings vs. Gold Standard Awesome Edition
Winner: 13 Times the King of Kings

Match 5
The Living Legacy vs. Jesh
Winner: The Living Legacy

Main Event
Rock N’ Wrestling Connection vs. Undisputed Jericho
Winner: Undisputed Jericho

WQ: Hogan was more overrated but I like Hogan more than Warrior.

Christian’s #1 Peep

Maximum Impact

Rated R Jerichoholic


13 Times The King Of Kings.

The Living Legacy

Undisputed Jericho.

WQ: Hulk Hogan is the most overrated in wrestling he is just awful.

Dark Match – Christians #1 Peep
1.Black Captain Charisma
2.Rated R Jerichoholic

Promo: *Camera cuts to the back with The Living Legacy on the screen* *Loud boos coming from the arena* Everyone shut up damnit I have something to say, you need to respect me, sit there and listen up…I won the GCW Royal Rumble therefore I get to choose my opponent, which champion will I face? either Superior Quality or 13 Times The King of Kings or whoever is champion at WrestleMania, it really doesn’t make a difference…I will defeat anyone who steps in my way…I will be making my decision very soon…On to other business…Now tonight it seems I have a match against Jesh??? Who in the hell does management think I am…I am not some wash up that comes on this show to be in a match with some wannabe star that won’t make it nowhere in the company anyways….Jesh you have one hell of a mouth on you there, thinking that you are the greatest star in GCW…haha, wow I really thought you could be smarter than that, that’s what I get for thinking huh?…you know I am far better than you will ever be in this company and yes I did win the Royal Rumble and do you know why?…Well it’s quite simple really…I am the best athelete to set foot in this very ring….Everyone here knows that I am the best there is today and you are nothing more than the next little worthless piece of trash on my list I have to throw away for good…You obviously don’t realize who you are talking to…You say you are going to beat me 1…2…3…Well I will do you one better how about later on tonight when we are face to face, I hit you with an RKO and a swift kick to the skull and put you out of action for good…I am The Living Legacy and you better damn well know That!!!

3.E&C Connection
4.13 Times the King of Kings
5.The Living Legacy
6.Rock N’ Wrestling Connection

Great Show GB! 5/5

Dark Match: Christian’s Peep
Match 1: BCC
Match 2: Rated R J
Match 3: TME
Match 4: KOK
Match 5: TLL
Match 6: RNW

Promo: (Jennifer Is Shown Backstage sitting on a Make Up Chair with THE GCW WOMAN’s CHAMPIONSHIP..)

WQ: Hogan by not many miles..


Promo: So I Jesh The Ultimate Opportunist The New Hardcore Champion will face The Living Legacy The winner of last nights Royal Rumble match. Living Legacy Iam going to shut you up and put you out tonight. Iam gonna show you greatness. You think your a living legacy, Ill show you a living legend in our match tonight. I will beat the Royal Rumble winner tonight. I will find a way to beat you tonight Legacy. I will show all these parasites in the audience why Iam the hardcore champion, and I will be the greatest hardcore champion of all of time. Hell I already am the greatest wrestler in GCW today, And I will prove it tonight by beating The Living Legacy tonight in our match.

I will pin Legacy…1…2….3, And I will show everyone my greatness in this business and show everyone why Iam the greatest wrestler in GCW. Living Legacy you may have won the royal rumble and Im sure your still celebrating from last night, but tonight I will stop the celebration and put you out for good. Im going to beat you tonight, And maybe even end your career. If I did that I would be doing everyone a favor so they dont have to see your terrible wrestling anymore. You did get lucky by winning the Royal Rumble last night. But tonight you are not gonna be so lucky… Iam going to make this the worst night of your life….

Kayfabe of course

Hogan was overrated, Warrior was awesome

WQ: I actually think that the Ultimate Warrior, during his peak years in the WWE was more overrated than Hogan.

They were trying to build him as the next guy to carry the company. They were pushing his character, gave him the WWF title by defeating Hogan..and when he got the title, he just bombed. After all the hype his title reign didn’t do much for the company.

He couldn’t wrestle, and I believe was even a worse wrestler than Hogan. At least Hogan can throw punches and make them look good, Ultimate Warrior couldn’t even throw a decent punch. Hogan at least had headlocks, a decent clothesline and the leg drop. Warrior’s clotheslines were sloppy as hell..and half the match was him running around in the ring like a lunatic.

At least Hogan WAS carrying the WWF for many years, Warrior failed, and Hogan got the belt back and was able to continue carrying the company.

While Hogan’s popularity was the real deal, and he was able to carry the WWF, Warrior’s hype wore out quick, wasn’t able to carry the WWF, and was a worse wrestler than Hogan in my opinion.

Ultimate Warrior was more overrated IMO.

WQ: Hulk Hogan definitely.

Dark Match; C1P
Match 1: BCC
Match 2; RRJ
Match 3; TME
Match 4: 13 Times the KOK
Match 5: TLL
Main Event: RNW

Great show. 8/10


Tonight, two pathetic superstars battle each other for a chance at MY title. For them, it would be much safer to lose. Don’t delude yourselves boys! No matter who wins that match tonight, the Intercontinental Title is not leaving my waist. No matter who wins tonight, they are not a match for me. Fizzrad, I already defeated you in the Triple Threat to win this title. Do you want to face more pain? And RRJ, since you have not faced my wrath yet, let me give you a bit of friendly advice – back out now to save yourself. I will destroy anyone that tries to get my title. I am the ultimate mid carder (having already defeated the Hardcore Champion) and I am undefeated. I will rise to the main event, soon, so RRJ and Fizz? DON’T try and slow me down. . .

(Promo holds no disrespect for anyone)

MA Beast King
Maximum Impact
Rated R Jericholic
The Main Event
13 Times the King of Kings
The Living Legacy
Undisputed Jericho

I posted my promo on the RR results question, but I’ll just repost it here.

My kayfabe promo 🙂

-Well, at least one of the two things I said would come true did. While Edgehead is no longer the Woman’s Champ, I am not the one to have taken the title.

That’s okay, though. I will just work this to my advantage. You see, after Edgehead has her rematch with Jen, (and probably loses), the title spot will be opened. By then, I’ll have had enough time to rest. Jen, we’ve had epic matches before. We’ve changed the face of women’s wrestling. And I say it’s time we do it again.

Amie, I’ve noticed that you’ve asked Jen for a match. Well, I say, what makes you number one contender? You won’t get it that easily. Amie, I challenge YOU for number one contender’s spot. Winner challenges Jen, and by winner, I mean me.


so who am i facing, 13 times the king of kings?? wow that a worst name since rock and wrestling! but still hey is this kid wants to be a champion then he has to beat the gold standard of GCW which won’t happen, you want to know why? plain and simple i’m better then you no if’s and’s or but’s you have no credibility AT ALL!!! now me i’ve proved to these worthless fans that i’m the best yet they still boo me, now for a “peasant” like you, you would think that they hate you noooo not me i’m to smart to fall for the “hatred shield” and i’m able to see the truth… they are jealous, plain and simple so while your thinking you have the fans on your side is means that your going to win please all it means is they are cheering a person as useless as themselves and once they get off their lazy,disrespectful azzes and do something productful may’be just may’be they are truely WORTH cheering for me but til then i’m going to use there jealousy to farther push AWESOMNESS into beating the holy hell out of some wannabe peasant that walk out from under the bridge and stumbled into the GCW wrestling ring and from the looks of the other GCW talent if you have a heart beat your good enough for their world title, funning how things are so FVCKED UP HERE!! you have a WRESTLING GOD!! like me here waiting for a title shot-ME WAITING!- for a shot at world gold, while you have people like DaDeAdMaN, RNW, undisputed jericho just walts in from their local street corner’s thinking this is a soup kitchen so really me facing some guy that got a title shot to the world title so now i will be able to show those bamboo’s in the booking department who the TRUE KING really is and that is ME!!!! you

babbling ingreats….

actually K.O.K. is a cool name, but RNW is still gay

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