Are sedans or suvs allowed to tow smaller cars?

I know I’ve seen trucks tow smaller cars but barely seen sedans or suvs carry other cars. This morning I seen an suv carry a smaller car on the free way, I was wondering if it’s legal or safe.

If you’re going to dinghy tow,(towing a car with all 4 wheels on the ground) as long as the vehicle towing the other is somewhat heavier, you should be ok. And if you’re going to tow with a regular car, SUV, or light duty truck (1/2,3/4 or 1 ton, or 1500, 2500, or 3500), it’s best to have a braking system that’s basically a machine that sits on the floor in front of the pedals and pushes the brake pedal in the car being towed when you activate it from a wireless controller in the vehicle that’s towing. Different states in the US have different weight limits of towing without a trailer braking system, so chances are you’re going to need one by law. Blue Ox is a good, very well known and respected name that makes these products, as well as good tow bar systems and such. As for the legality of it, in the USA, as long as the combined weight of both vehicles is less than 24,000 lbs and total length is under 42 feet, you can do this with a standard C class license. If the vehicle you are towing isn’t a manual, this may be harder. A manual car can just be thrown in neutral and towed. If it’s a newer automatic vehicle, you can probably just put in in neutral and go, but if not and it’s an automatic, there may need to be some modification such as a disconnect. If your vehicle is equipped with a transfer case like a Jeep, to switch from 2WD to 4WD, then you can put the case in neutral and do it like that. All depends on your car. The people at your local RV repair shop will know about it, as cars are commonly towed behind RVs.

The vehicle towing the other should also have enough power to do it.

Every car has a limit on how much it can tow. As an example, the Mercedes ML350 can tow 7500 pounds. There is also a hitch limit, with the ML it is about 600 pounds. So you can tow anything that is under those two weights. So lets say you want to tow a Ford Focus. That car weighs 3000 pounds and with a dinghy tow set up, the hitch weight is minimal so you can tow it. You use this to figure out any combination of tow vehicle and dinghy towed car.

What you have to watch for is except for emergencies, most states require brakes on the vehicle being towed to function if it weighs more than 1500 pounds. So if you dinghy tow, figure $3000-4500 to get it all set up. It would be far cheaper to rent a car trailer with brakes at U-haul and put the smaller car on the trailer. In the example above, the trailer would add about 1200 pounds more weight, which the ML can handle and the hitch weight can be adjusted by where you park the Focus on the trailer. Renting a trailer obviously is the cheapest way to do it. If you bought a trailer it would run around $2000. A third way to do it is a dolly tow where the front drive wheels of the Focus would be on the dolly. The brakes would be on the dolly too so no modification of the Focus would be needed. A dolly runs $1500-2000.

The real problem is, again, BRAKES working on what you are towing. The only way to get around that is to be towing a very small car that weighs less than 1500 pounds.

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I would think yes. If It was on a trailer.

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