Andrew Carnegie gave away all of his money. Why didn't Ted Kennedy & Joe Kennedy do that to show they truly?

… About people more than they care about being rich?

The Kennedys avoid paying inheritance taxes via trust funds so as to avoid (in Biden’s words) being “patriotic” and (in 0bama’s words) “sharing the wealth.”

Andrew Carnegie was a great man who provided good jobs and a stable town for his workers, who otherwise would have had hardscrapple, impoverished, brutal and short lives. The children of those workers today are college educated and very well off in America.

Carnegie helped many a man start a good business, opened libraries all over — including the one which was a refuge for Clarence Thomas — started schools and foundations for the improvement of humanity.

The Kennedys? Well in Ireland that family is well-known as notorious as “Travelers” — conniving thieving scum. Or at least based on the to many examples dropped on the loins of Ol’ Nazi-loving Joseph — that is what the family seems t’be.

It is pretty ridiculous to say that 100% greedy is the total opposite of Carnegie. You should learn about some of the things he did to get rich. He did give away most of his money, and he opposed hereditary privilege. Like most people, and perhaps more than most people, he did not fit neatly into a good/bad dichotomy. His legacy is mixed.

The Kennedys have also given large amounts of money to charity.

Al capone gave more to charity than the bootlegging gangster kennedys hopefully we have heard the last of them. Strange how ted kennedy’s support of Norad and the ira terrorists was hushed up after 9/11

Yes the dad was a real big time crook, he was even into having people knocked off if they did not do as he said, he was like a dictator, you know, like nancy the pig lousy! and he raised all his children that way too. but biblicaly speaking they were bad, the sons were whore mongers, just like daddy! so in my book they were rich trash!! God will sort it all out!!

God bless America

Haa HAA HAA A kennedy giving money away? HA you would have better luck getting the bourbon bottle out of their hands

Ted Kennedy found it to be a lot more satisfying to give away our Tax dollars. Especially when it came time to vote. Same with Obama and his Commrades.

bc both Joe and Ted knew that their heirs are incapable of acquiring employment without having first paid for it.

carnegie built his wealth on the blood, sweat and tears of the irish and slovaks who worked for pennies in the dangerous steel mills.
he SHOULD have given it away as it was tainted wealth.

How does that prove anything? I am completely baffled how you could even think of making that link.

Leona Helmsly gave all of her money away when she died, but the woman went to prison for tax evasion. So again, how does giving all of your money away prove you’re not greedy??

His kids and grandkids do service to this country for free. Ted Kennedy did not take a paycheck. They are champions of the everyman. The work begins anew. The hope rises again. And the dream lives on.

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