1-Boston Celtics
2-Cleveland Cavaliers
3-Orlando Magic
4-Toronto Raptors
5-Washington Wizards
6-Atlanta Hawks
7-Detroit Pistons
8-Chicago Bulls
9-Miami Heat
10-New York Knicks
11-Charlotte Bobcats
12-Milwaukee Bucks
13-Philedelphia 76ers
14-Indiana Pacer
15-New Jersey…

Wizards before the Raptors

Blake Griffin or Brandon Jennings will take rookie of the year.
Jay Triano is a good coach but that’s a risky bet (I’m guessing Doc Rivers).

u can’t forget about the Nuggets

nicely, i’m no longer in all probability going to flow by using all 30 NBA communities and make a catalogue, yet there’s some issues you’re able to observe of: a million. Toronto is purely no longer that undesirable… They further Turkoglu and made another strikes. i do no longer see them finding out to purchase and merchandising Bosh because of the fact unlike all different Toronto activities franchises, they actually need to win! I see them with a minimum of forty wins and a playoff place. 2. Houston is surely no longer that undesirable… interior the Western convention, the place we see backside-dwellers at .250 or decrease, and communities at .six hundred + no longer making the playoffs, I actually do no longer see the Rockets ending with purely 35 wins. Out of the playoffs? i do no longer think of so… yet 35 wins? never! they are going to constantly rack up a minimum of forty-one wins – i might say a .500 season for the Rockets is a bad one! 3. Milwaukee in final interior the East? No way! I see them enjoying to contend for a playoff spot and that i does no longer be shocked by utilising a 35+ win season! 4. Orlando, Boston, and Detroit will in all probability have some extra wins than what you place down. on the different hand, i do no longer see Washington doing so nicely except Arenas steps up and performs (for as quickly as). If he does, they do extra effective than what you place down.

I find it interesting that you say “forget the west” and then go on to pick players from the west to win most of the individual awards.

As a Spurs fan it pains me to say this, but I think the Lakers will repeat unless Artest has another meltdown, which is, of course, entirely possible. In the East, I like the Celtics with the Hawks or Wizards as possible surprise dark horses.

EDIT #1 – Your picking Lyndon Baines Johnson as the MVP? How is he going to arrange for his traditional stuffing of the ballot boxes in the South Texas precincts when the guy is already dead? (Many of you may be too young to appreciate this particular piece of humor……..)

orlando will come ahead of cavs this year

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