Why is my 'best friend' ignoring me?

Me and my friend(ill call her J) are in 7th grade and have been friends for 4 years. In that time, we never got bored with eachother or ever had any major problems. But because of different scedeuls, i only see her in band and on the bus after school. A couple of weeks ago she started hanging out with this other…

I’m very sorry your friend is being so rude to you. Is R sort of considered popular? Or really cool or pretty? If that’s the case, then J probably thinks that she’s better off being popular. I know this sounds really dumb, but the only thing you can do is talk to her. It might be kinda hard because you’re saying she never does talk to you. If you see her around at lunch, go up to her and ask her, ” I need to talk to you alone for a minute.” This should help get her away from R for a minute. Ask her why she has been ignoring you. It’s not fair of her to be very close to you and then all-of-a-sudden ditch you! Tell her how you feel about it. Write down a few things you’d like to say before-hand. You don’t really want to mess up and have it worse than it is! Tell her you’ve been trying to talk to her, and she seems like she just doesn’t care anymore. If she’s really your friend, she should apologize and maybe give you and R a better introduction. If she tells you she wants to be your friend, but R doesn’t, and then says that since R doesn’t she can only be your friend secretly( or something like that 😉 then you have to consider a few things. You could either tell her you’d rather be a secret friend than not at all, and wait out J and R’s friendship to come to a fight or breakup, then comfort her. Or you could decide that its unfair of her to choose R over you like that, and hang out with your other friends. Its all up to you! 🙂

You said you had other friends right? Become more closer with them. Make new friends. Don’t ignore J, you can still be friends with her, just not best friends. People grow up and some grow apart from their old friends. J is friends with R, so you be friends with others.

Also: does J have a cell phone? an online account? contact her that way if she doesn’t talk to you in person, and maybe have a sleepover. If she asks if R can come over, say your parents said only one friend can come over and you want to hang out with her. Or, if you want R to come over, invite both of them. It would be weird if they didn’t talk to you in your house, at your sleepover.

~JM <3

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