Why Is Michelle Obama Coming Off As Arrogant?

I've seen her interviewed here and there and she always seems to have an attitude or a chip on her shoulder. She hates the Clintons, but they have done MUCH to help blacks during decades of service; the same goes for her husband. And I have to question the attitude of these two who seem to feel entitled or…

She is very arrogant, listen she could care less about you or me all she wants is to try to smile and say a few words to get her husband elected, that’s another reason I dont like him is his wife, I seen her campaigning on TV, there was people trying to talk to her and ask her things and say things to her, you could tell, she could care less she just wanted to get away you could see it with your own eyes as plain as day…she would make a terrible first lady, she has a terrible attitude and I have a feeling she dosent care to much for the white people!

People, people….please!
We need to stop this in-fighting! We are just giving the Republicans ammunition & falling right into their trap. Obama is not a racist muslim & Hillary is not a monster. They are just two ambitious & hardworking human beings that believe they can do better for our country than the devious Republican administration of the last 7 yrs.
The Republicans having different rules, are the ones who are responsible for the FL & MI fiasco & they did it deliberately. Obama had nothing to do with it, he was clueless, so clueless in fact, that he even removed his name from the MI ballot. The crafty republicans knowing full well that the DNC would penalize the Dem delegates went ahead & voted to move the date up. Their strategy is to “divide and conquer” and it’s working. Just look at all the in-fighting it has caused. The FL governor is a Republican & the FL legislature who passed the resolution is predominantly Republican as well. The dems had no choice but to agree. The “cons” are up to their dirty tricks again and if Hillary & Obama don’t stop bashing each other, make a deal & concentrate on McCain instead; the devious Republicans will once more steal this election as well. McCain is right now campaigning virtually unopossed because we are all too busy fighting with each other. They are laughing at us. We need to unite & beat them at their own game!

Because her and her husband feel that they deserve to be in the white house because of all the bad things white people have done to them. He has been known since way back in his high school days as being cocky when he starts to feel over confident. His books reflect how he feels about white people and her college thesis reflects the same things.

Even today, his friends say, Obama talks a mean game. “He’s a bit of a trash-talker,” says Cassandra Butts, a friend of the senator’s from law school and now a leader at the Center for American Progress. “People see in him what they want to see.”

“People don’t come to Obama for what he’s done in the Senate,” says Bruce Reed, president of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. “They come because of what they hope he could be.” What Obama stands for, if anything, is not yet clear.

The obvious truth is that everyone punished Clinton for not just bowing out to allow their chosen one to win the nomination without a fight. I don’t think Bill even wanted Hillary to be his VP. Bill is angrier at Obama than the other way around and for good reason in my opinion. Calling him a racist was over the top. Only the young people who don’t remember the Clinton years would ever have believed such garbage.

Michelle Obama has the arrogance of the indulged second rate who have been fortunate enough to have the system work for them.

Michelle came from a middle class not working class (as she claims) background. She had all the advantages of good schools, a comfortable home in a good area of Chicago plus the benefit of an intelligent and educated Mother who stayed home to look after her children and a hard working, educated Father who in the late 1960’s was already earning US$42600 a year as an Engineer at Chicago Water Company! Frazer Robinson was also a hard worker for the Illinois Democratic Party. She went to Ivy League Princeton University where her senior thesis complaining basically about not being as rich as other students did not gain her an honors degree; then thanks to Harvard Law’s Affirmative Action program she squeaked into Harvard Law School.

After Harvard, Michelle Obama came back to Chicago and went to work for a good middle ranked law firm, thanks in part to her Father’s connections as the firm did a lot of work for the Democratic Party and for Antoin Rezko. There she eventually met and married Barack Obama, a fellow Harvard Law hire.

Barack Obama has a similiar past–middle class upbring of private schools and Ivy League universities (Colombia and Harvard) but the way he tells it his family were hard pressed to make ends meet in a hovel! The latest claim is that his (married) Mother was an unwed single Mom, desserted by his Father etc. The reality is that his Mother and Father (the Kenyan Arab African Barack Obama Sr. came from the top 1% of Kenyan society) were married for 5 years and split when Barack was 4 and that his Mother remarried a fellow graduate student 2 years later. In the meantime, as his mother was studying for her various degrees in anthropology, she and Barack Obama lived with his American grandparents. The new stepfather took his family back to Indonesia where Barack’s Mother continued her work in anthropolgy. When she was pregnant with Barack’s 1/2 sister, the boy was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents and attend school. Holidays were spent with his family in Indonesia, etc until his Mother divorced again in 1979 and returned with his half sister to her parents’ home in Hawaii.

When you live a lie it is hard to be classy and gracious.

This is because they do not believe that the United States is what people believe it is. You can hear this in their every word. They believe that the United States is an inequitable place where some will never have opportunity without their benevolent support and guidance. Obama is lax to show respect for his country and Michele is ashamed of us. People should be very concerned about placing Obama in the White House because the change he seeks would be to erase as much as he could of what this country has stood for over the last 200+ years.

She definitely has some kind of racial axe to grind and would be smart to quiet down with that rhetoric for now. Heinz-Kerry had a big mouth and people ended up disliking her which reflected poorly on Kerry to me and a lot of people. I didn’t like him much anyhow.

I think she definitely has racist tendencies but just about everyone does. Keep that stuff to yourself. Something tells me the Obamas are really wrapped up in the novelty of this “first black president” thing. People don’t care about that stuff.

Lead my country. Be a good president. Do good things for us. I’ll vote for you if you can do these few things.

It’s paradoxiacal, but true: the ideology taught at many of the Ivy League schools is of society’s injustice towards non-whites and the poor.

So some of the most highly-educated people are the angriest about this perceived oppression.

People using their skin color as a cop out for poor choices makes me sick.
People using their skin color as some kind of tool makes me sick.
People scream about the racism in this country right up until it suits them to play it : Ala Michelle Obama
I was a black kid at Princeton but never really felt like I fit in
(What I thought black people were held back and trampled and couldn’t go to ivy league schools?!)
Michelle Obama and her spouse are a bad joke.

I think you are confusing confident and successful with arrogant.

Obama is a great speaker, has strong beliefs and a great speaking voice. They don’t come off as disgruntled anything in my opinion, they come off as wanting to see change and being hopeful for our future and motivated.

So you can state your “opinion” about their church and don’t want any opinions to the contrary? That baloney about their church is a stupid rumor, maybe you should do some research on your own besides being sucked into the political mudslinging. Have you knowledge about their church that others don’t? I would like to know.

In my opinion Hilary is arrogant, but I wouldn’t say it is because she is white. You are a racist, you know how I can tell? In your very first paragraph you say how the Clintons’ have done so much to help blacks. So what the Obamas’ should be on their knees thanking them?

I think you mistake passion for arrogance, No you are right you don’t get it. your whole post is based on no facts whatsoever.

EDIT: The more you talk the more racist you sound. I think you have a chip on your shoulder, and fear succesful black people.

i agree. she does come across as very arrogant. she sort of reminds me of Condi Rice…. like she is insulted when someone asks a question. i also agree with one of the previous answers, they all seem arrogant, and in my opinion, are as crooked as the day is long.

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