Why is gay marriage such a big deal?

I can’t understand why is gay marriage such a big deal…ity doesn’t affect my life at all (unless I am gay, therefore it would benefit me!). Besides the Bible excuse (which no everybody needs to believe in), why are conservatives so strongly opposed to gay marriage? Any REAL political issues on it?

To provide, not argue, you: A wedding is a religious ideal; since the Bible says no, there’s no help there..

Political issues: Lawmakers and government types say that gay marriage is provided for in Amendment IX, when it is not: Sodomy and gay marriage were not allowed anywhere in the colonies or the United States before or after the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, they were outlawed in fact. For someone in the 21st century to say that gay marriage is covered under Amendment IX with no proof from the written word of the Founders in the 18th century, along with laws then that forbid the same, is to say a highly improbable statement.

There have been many cases brought to the courts regarding this subject where the laws have been rewritten. Since when can the Judicial Branch legislate?

Prop 8, banning gay marriage, in California was turned over by a Judge after the people AGREED to it in a vote. He defied the people, whom he is supposed to serve. Judicial activism is what is exacerbating the issue royally. I know that judges are meant to protect minorities from majority rule, but if there’s no contradiction that presents itself in the Constitution, then it cannot be said to be unconstitutional.

Personally, I wouldn’t give a damn if gays could marry. If the overwhelming majority of the people and states want gay marriage, then they should amend the Constitution that says such. That is the only legitimate way to do it and I would encourage that.

People have been oppressing gays for thousands of years and people still want to cling on to that. They look to a book that was written thousands of years ago by people in the bronze age… They act as if gay marriage will take away their religious freedom…

the following is the ingredient. for each, “it is would not count number. in simple terms enable them have it” argument, there is yet another “it would not count number. in simple terms save it as is” argument. you could’t win that way. the ingredient is… at the same time as many human beings say it is non secular… it is not. it is an difficulty about ethics, no longer actuality, and ethics are gotten from someone’s’ philosophy or faith. in case you’re taking a seem at our society, traditionally, you’ll see a technique persons figuring out on happiness over different issues which includes responsibility, honor, and family participants. Now… this does no longer fairly appear as if a foul ingredient (after all, happiness is robust, and we position the happiness of others as significant besides). in spite of the undeniable fact that, happiness can continually be at a loss for words with own, base needs, and, consequently, isn’t continually strong. besides, with each and every successive technology, we overlook further and extra about the such issues as honor, responsibility, loyalty, family participants, etc. and concentration more advantageous on ourselves. after all, it is ME that could make me chuffed, and it is ME which could help persons chuffed, so all that concerns is ME doing my proper to make the international as i imagine it will be, so i visit shelter MY concept of happiness for myself and all and sundry, which will, or gained’t actual be strong. back, this isn’t inherently evil, in spite of the undeniable fact that the fad, if unstopped, can bring about an total dissolution of all values we at present carry expensive. allowing gay marriage is pointing out, “we’d want to continually placed the happiness of a collection of persons over family participants values and principals we and those before us have held onto for generations. we will be allowing a degradation of society to proceed unchecked.” So it is more advantageous than only a non secular difficulty. that’s a question of, “might want to we stand idly with the help of and enable those persons do something which we sense will devastate the moral fiber of our society?” And, in case you’ve been in that similar position, you should do the very similar ingredient they do. you’ll strive against it with all of your would. appreciate that they are conserving onto their principals strongly. And convince them their principals are not being violated, that happiness quite is the better effective, or that there is a more advantageous effective which will be violated with the help of their moves.

Really because the definition of the word does not include any one who wants to do it if they are not a Boy and a Girl. Conjoin with whoever you want but be honest. It’s for tax and financial purposes only.

There aren’t any issues with it except those that are religious.

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