Why do we always have to be right? Can we not just let everyone think for themselves?

I am sure this has been posted before. Why does every group have SOME loud opinionated people who want to change the way that other people
live or believe? There are SOME Christians who tell others that they are going to hell at every opportunity. There are SOME Atheists that hurl insults at believers in…

I too have become tired of the insults and loud mouth rants. There are four ways to look at this issue.
1. Christians do not understand the concept of Love your enemies and neighbors. If they can’t answer truly in a kind way with knowledge of scripture, then they should abstain from the question in kind!! It is better to ignore those questions that bring so many violations and hateful e-mails. Too many Christians today feel that by going to church on Sunday, that gives them the expert knowledge to spout what they learned for the week.
Only to forget that sermon when the next one comes along. Many Christians only see and read a bible inside the church where all to many Christians can see them.
2. Atheist come here thinking they can really justify their belief in no GOD!! In fact that is a coming philosophy that is becoming all too tired some here at Yahoo R&S. If you have a belief in something then why should one go around belittling others to accept your train of thought!! It seems all too many people need to actually see things to believe in them. Therefore they must not believe in Love, Compassion and Kindness for all those things cannot be seen. However how do you explain the emotions of a young married couple, and the birth of a child. The compassion of sacrificing oneself to give another a chance to live. The compassion of many people who willingly give to such causes to help others in times of trial such as Hurricane Katrina and every deadly tornado that sweeps across this wonderful country. Indeed things unseen but sorely missed it that was the case for reality.
3. The people who come here only to prove that they have too much time on their hands by putting others down. It usually is kids and young teenagers but it still shows a lack of concernment for others. It is so evident in how several people have way more than they need in profiles and accounts. It is through that immature behaviour you see so many people report, attack and thumbs down every answer that doesn’t concur with theirs.
For example: if someone asks who your favorite Angel is?, why should someone reply “there is no God, so therefore there is no angels!” and then thumbs everybody else!!
Spite plain and simple. In one is having a bad day, go somewhere else and don’t bring others down to their level.
Besides there are some very nice people here that will offer you a kind shoulder and words of condolences and a boost in one’s attitude. Why not find them to promote a better yahoo.
4. The people who are here just to have fun and kill some time with friends that get attacked. Most leave but some become bitter( I am an example}. I find that the more time I spend here sometimes I attack back and not in a kind way so I limit my time.
P.S. I find that there is no way to tell which group is the worst but when I notice the behaviors getting bad, I leave. I lost one account and I will not lose another one without a fight. However this time I choose the fights more carefully and my contacts more closely. I choose to have fun and answer more in humor and or with thought. After all it’s not all about the best answer or the most points. It’s the intelligent contact between two people that should bring some pause for thought, a kind shoulder to lean on, and even a smile to one’s face. If not yours when I answer, then at least mine!!

Look out my window,
See the world passing by,
See the look in her eye.
One more time to live and i have made it mine.
Leave the wise to write for they write worldly rhymes.
And he who wants to fight begins the end of time.
For I have riches more than this

“One more time to live”
Justin Hayward

Fallen Sweetie, it is never going to change, so I leave you with this.
Every time you are insulted take joy in the aspect you are not like that. You are not so full of self doubt that you have to resort to such tactics.
Because thats what it is all about. Every time an insult is thrown the insulter might as well have a sign that says “I can not think of anything logical so I must resort to insults”
Most often I feel more pity for those who insult rather that those who are insulted.

A person that allows their ego to dictate their emotions has the biggest problem dealing with not being right. You really have to watch out for those kind of people.Sometimes they can be possessive. A person who has objectivity, deals with most issues in a subjective nature. they usually discuss many topics calmly and methodically. They don;t feel they need to be right all the time.

I have asked this one myself and posted something similar in the past. Due to some unbridled ego or the need to be always be seen as right – chances are that is not going to happen here at R & S or in real life. Too bad, really because there are no absolutes in life or belief.

God gives us free will, so we do have a right to believe what we desire to believe- however as in anything in life there is consequences to our free will. Religion seems to be one of the only things were there can be no absolutes with some people. Let me share an example here- why can’t people think differently about murder? Just because someone kills someone does that make that person wrong? OF COURSE IT DOES. There has to be absolute truth as well, and when it comes to religion, there is only one road to God- we must go to God on His terms not ours. However, that said, we are never to hate others and insult others in a way that dishonors God. At the same time “THE CROSS IS FOOLISHNESS TO THOSE WHO ARE PERISHING, BUT TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IT IS THE POWER OF GOD.”

Young lady you do have a way with words and your statement speaks the truth.The fact is if we are to ever get long with each other then we must admit we aren’t always right and for some of us( myself included) that sometimes is hard to do because of ego,etc.

I think you just can’t prove your point by fighting. But all the religions have these sayings about keeping away from unbelievers, which actually puts athiests in a unique place.

My religions says not to become “unequally yoked” with an unbeliever, for example … but I think people misinterpret that. I think when you’re “yoked” with someone, that implies the kind of relationship where you have to really work together with someone, on the same team. Like in a marriage, or when you’re working on a project and your religious beliefs will come into it, or if you’re starting a business with someone.

In that light, you’re going to want to be working with someone whose belief systems closely match yours. You’re going to want to be married to someone who can share your spirituality, is somewhat interested in the same things you are, and shares similar values and worldviews. If you’re starting a business with someone, maybe they don’t share your faith, but they should at least share your morals and values. You don’t want to be paired up with a scam artist or a lazy person if you’re the opposite.

Other than “yoking” yourself with a person. Why do you have to fight at all? It’s better to explore that person’s differences, respect them, form a relationship with them. When you’re friends with someone and you love them for all their differences no matter what, friends discuss those differences. And if one of them happens to be on the right track, moreso than the other, the other will perceive that and pick up on that.

Think of the principle “you become like the company you keep.” If a person is constantly influenced by negative people who slander others, and gossip, and lie and get into all kinds of trouble, all that trouble is bound to rub off on that person. But the flip side is that when a person is exposed to another friend who is loving, compassionate, respectful, and perhaps that friend has some religious beliefs, those things rub off on the other person too.

When an athiest points out, for example, that Christianity seems stupid, we might take that into consideration. Because if we were really offering anything of value to that athiest (like our friendship, our respect, a listening ear, and wisdom and insight) there’s be no need to argue. He’s allowed to think what he thinks and feel what he feels. God isn’t forcing him to believe anything, is He? If He was, the athiest would believe it. So we need to do that too. Stop being foolish, stop neglecting our intellect, stop being so legalistic, and stop neglecting people! I think that’s whats causing a lot of the dissention.

I just know that in my religion, what I think God really wants is not for us to preach salvation and condemnation. Jesus already did that. What matters most is that we love other people, but that’s been lost in translation. When you care about another human being you listen to them, respect them, try to understand them, treat them how they want to be treated, and you accept them with all their differences just the way they are. You’re allowed to talk about your beliefs, but nobody who doesn’t know you very well wants to hear about that! You tell your friends, not what TO believe, but what YOU believe, and you give them a chance to do whatever they want with that, even if they choose not to believe it. But if you’re right they’ll probably side with you in the end. If what you’re saying isn’t right, they’ll probably just shake their head and wonder about that side of you…


I agree. Very good statement and question. This is a perfect reason why I love being your contact.

An excellent point and I agree. Hostility kills dialogue and understanding.

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