Why do liberals automatically think that voter ID laws hurt their cause?

I mean doesn’t everyone, regardless of who they are voting for, have to do it under the same set of rules? I just don’t get it! Voter ID laws are for everyone and give some amount of credibility to the election process in general.

voter id laws make it hard for illegals and dead people to vote.

It’s not voter IDs that are the problem. It’s the requirement that they have to have a photo ID. And then it cannot be any photo ID, like a school ID. It has to be a government issued ID. There has been and always were a requirement to verify the person voting is the one registered. But you can do that by verifying their address and any number of government documents, for example, property tax form or W2s.

Having to show your ID at the polls violates one the great all -American traditions that you guys are always promoting the virtues of
No matter how you spin it voter ID is still a poll tax and therefore still illegal
Your garden -variety senior citizen poll work is not properly trained to be able to recognize high quality phony ID ….nor are most ppl regardless of age
Cons are notorious for taking obscure events that are done by less than 1/10 of 1% of the ppl in this country and making them the norm and then suggesting solutions to problems that don’t actually exist
Then you have the ppl that are affected by Hurricane Sandy who if they lived in places where voter ID was required may not be able to vote bc their ID was either lost or destroyed

People like me would not be able to vote under those laws. I just have a student and employee ID, neither of those are acceptable in the Republican ID states. This is why the courts have struck it down. Also, there is no evidence of fraud worth talking about. Some that there is, has been on the Republican side.

I dont think that. I think it hurts the elderly, who have voted for years and years, and now may not be able to because they may not have a state ID. I know this for a fact because my 82 year old Mom does not have one because after she gave up driving, she never needed one. Why should she, and others be forced to get one based on some fantasy about widespread voter fraud that has never been proven.

It’s all about statistics and the demographics of the 2008 vote.

You’re letting the Chess players use you like one of the Pawns.

There is no Voter Fraud problem in America.

Be a Chess player, not a Checkers player.

I don’t exactly think it would hurt…there are reports of even increased turnout after such laws… true or not…

I just think you need a good, factual reason to pass such a law that puts a lot of people out of their way…

my grandma doesn’t have an ID… while it’s not the end of the world for her to get one, why should she have to bother? just because you FEEL like it would be a good idea? I need more than FEELINGS… to dictate gov. mandates…

Everyone should be able to vote legally.
There should be no fraud and everyone should vote.

It will be harder for liberals to get votes if they can’t round up the homeless and take them to the polls.

Because their cause is voter fraud,,,,Now I really don’t mean rank and file liberals, I’m talking about the Congressional liberals, and orginized voter registration groups, like ACORN.

Look this is easy to see when you look at history,,,,

Motor Voter law, written and passed by democrats.

Illegals are eligible for all state services, voted down and over-ruled by the 9th Circuit Court.

Driver license for illegals, written attempted to pass by democrats.

Permanent early voting (mail in voting) for anyone,,,,,yeah democrats.

Anchor baby laws, written and passed by democrats.

No ID required to vote in federal elections, written and passed by democrats.

The Dream Act, written and passed by democrats in California.

Arizona illegal immigration laws blocked by obama’s federal courts.

Dogs & Dead People Registered to Vote

Massive Illegal Alien Voter Fraud In Florida

Eric Holder Supports Voter Fraud

Holder Dismissed Voter Intimidation Case

Eric Holder Voter Frauds Himself

4 Prominent Democrat Officials Pled Guilty of Voter Fraud

Guilty Democrats In ACORN Voter Fraud Case

Working Families Party Guilty of Voter Fraud

Franken May Have Won His Senate Seat Through Voter Fraud

Wisconsin Recall Allows Voter Fraud

If voter fraud is really not the issue here than why are democrats opposing voter ID instead of just helping the few voters without ID to get ID that would be much easier.

How come the disenfranchised voters are always democrats?

Now you democrats screaming “there is no voter fraud’ were singing a different tune after the 2000 election.

I will bet a million bucks if Romney wins we will hear nothing but voter fraud coming from you democrats.

Stop all early voting, and if you have no ID you get a purple finger just like Iraq.

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