Why do atheists tend to believe in evolution ? Why don't they just believe in Intelligent Design which…?

…Makes much more sense ?

I would love to know your definition of ‘sense’. To me, sense implies that something is testable, rational and logical (unless prefixed by an implicit or explicit “spiritual” or “emotional”, but that doesn’t seem to be what we’re talking about when we’re referring to science). ID hasn’t been tested, isn’t published in peer-reviewed science journals where authors refer to each other’s work and build on/challenge what each other has said through proper testing of theory against evidence. Evolutionary theory, on the other hand, has had 150 years of test, challenge, critique, etc – again and again and again. The theory has evolved (sic) in order to continue being the best explanation of observable facts that is currently possible.

And that is why no-one “believes” in evolution – they know evolution happens and accept evolutionary theory as a well-founded understanding of the observable facts. Of course, many (most) religious people accept evolution – the only significant population that refuses to do so are American Christians of a certain variety.

I suspect I might accurately rewrite what you have written to read: “why do those people who disagree with me about religion have an understanding of the development of life on earth that I simply find too complicated and challenging to understand? Why don’t they just believe in Intelligent Design [it is through gritted teeth that I write that without quotation marks to indicate what an absurd term it is] which is so much easier for my brain, uneducated in serious science, to deal with.”

And Dreamstuff Entity has given you a brilliant answer.

EDIT: You have, in Taralina, one of those breath-takingly ludicrous answers that demonstrates such extraordinary ignorance of science that it should be enough to convince you of the opposite of what she says. The conflation of the Big Bang (which brought the universe we know into being) with evolution (an explanation of the development of life on earth) is a classic, the sort of statement that has jaws clunking to the ground.

EDIT 2: Nah, you’re not really so daft. I call Poe.

And I am assuming this isn’t a troll question, so I will answer it as truthfully as I can.

Read the book:

“The Blind Watchmaker. Why the Evidence of Evolution reveals a Universe Without Design.”
by Richard Dawkins

It is the standard in the field of disproving any sky daddy.

Cheap on Amazon, or free at your library. The first 1/3 is really not important. The rest of it will change the way you think. As well, try these three video. One is 48 minutes, the other two are under 10.

Sweetie, intelligent design, when you know what it means, makes no sense whatsoever—I jpromise. It is now a dead idea, no longer even considered in public or private schools, and hasn’t been for now more than a decade. It was fundamentalist Christians last stab at trying to keep a sky daddy in science. Now, almost all Boards of Education reject any text that has it.




Of course Intelligent Design makes more sense. This is why most people used to believe it. However, it has very little explanatory power. Specifically, it doesn’t explain why all life is so similar in structure and varied in form. The theory of evolution does explain that. And it explains it without needing a purpose-driven mechanism, but just through cause and effect.

everyone who’s spent any time observing the evidence from the factor of geology, genetics (of which Darwin did no longer comprehend of on the time, yet that for sure subsidized his ‘theory’ – that’s now commonly used fact) and who hasn’t have been given a strategies block will come to comprehend that is fact themselves. the project is that folk who come from religious communities who do no longer different than evolution basically pay attention of the ‘theory’ from one yet another, or out of your instructors on your religious faculties who could no longer answer the main undemanding questions with regard to the project. you have strategies blocks, it is all, that is risky to have faith in something that would positioned a wedge between you and your families and funnily sufficient evolution has made you that way – evolution has made you the animal that would at as quickly as adapt on your atmosphere and learn out of your mothers and fathers and preserve a secure place on your tribe – your existence might have depended on it. Do you have faith the international is 4000 years previous? this style of shame that somebody might walk around with their eyes close so tightly, to no longer even comprehend how the very rocks below our ft are created and destroyed and the tale they are able to tell. you have faith in a international that began AFTER the domestication of canines! and there are a lot of people who have faith in a god that still comprehend that evolution is fact, so seize up your now lagging in the back of!! and any atheist or agnostic who would not ‘have faith’ in evolution basically prefer bypass to a organic background museum, rant over!

It sure does take more faith to BELIEVE in evolution that a huge bang suddenly brought forth incredible life and millions of beautiful creatures who all live in harmony and order. Yes sin messed things up but it did not start out that way.
It is sad that today people are brainwashed into believing that we came from animals. A brain is like a computer it is complicated, throw a bomb in a pile of computer parts and watch it build itself. That is the evolution belief. An explosion created life!!! Really? And they call me naive.
But even in biblical times Gods own people rebelled because of sin.
Remember being a follower of christ is to be persecuted not have peace. Gods word which is truth is a sword. Jesus did not say he came to bring peace on earth like many christians think, he came to bring a sword. People will turn against each other until Jesus comes again, this time to make things right.

Because there is no evidence for Intelligent Design, and it makes less sense compared to natural selection and all the evidence that points to evolution existing.

If animals didn’t appear to share so much genetic material and taxonomy wasn’t so obvious even before the theory of evolution was discovered, and gene frequencies didn’t change in populations over generations (evolution) then yes, intelligent design would make some sense.

A question like this is basically like asking, why do atheists believe in horses, why don’t they just believe in unicorns which makes much more sense.

Evolution is a scientific fact- you don’t “believe” in it.
Intelligent Design does not make sense (it wouldn’t be intelligent to design the Ebola virus or creatures that need to eat constantly)

and if a “theists” don’t believe in a Supreme Being, how could they believe in intelligent design?

People with an education in basic science know the truth of evolution.

Intelligent design is an oxymoron.If you believe in it then you are under educated or being willfully ignorant-placing dogma above learning.Creationism/id defy sense-common or uncommon.It also defies reality and rational thought.

This is simply your opinion. I put my personal opinion aside and went with the facts, evolution.
There is 0 evidence for intelligent design so it make 0 sense.

There is proof of evolution.

There is no proof of “intelligent design” and if you look at the human body, various different animals in fact the world in general you can see that if there is in fact design then it is far from intelligent.

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