Why did women vote against the Republican Party in this years Presidential election?

What things did the party do negatively to women and why would they vote for a party (democrat) that whose values they don’t share

married women
and christian women voted for romney
it was the single, liberal, blacks that vote for obama
cause they felt obama promised them a rose garden

before each little thing do your locate the thanks to locate the get jointly that “in reality” represents your way of questioning. many times, Republicans have self belief in decrease taxes (even no matter if that’s for the wealthy), a lot less authorities (regardless of the reality that it may be confusing pressed to exhibit it presently) and progression u . s . by technique of being company pleasant. Democrats many times, have self belief more advantageous in human being rights (at times on the fee of maximum human beings), taxing the firms and giving the breaks to the guy. Republicans are typically more advantageous conservative (professional existence, constitutional modification defining marriage), Democrats more advantageous liberal (professional decision, gay rights, stem cellular study) Being an wise human being you’ll favor to look into applicants, no longer only the classic ones. And once you’ve the time artwork to help the single you’ve faith in. Get your resources from more advantageous than one venue. FOX information is amazingly professional Republican, ABC information somewhat a lot less professional Democrat. yet take each little thing it extremely is declared with a grain of salt, study their voting heritage, no longer only what they say. Their significant objective immediately must be to get helps, and monetary backing to be the single to get the nomination from their get jointly. enable’s settle for it, regardless of the reality that Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and John Anderson can run as Independents out of the significant flow events, the suitable danger for victory is with between both significant events. sturdy success such as your decision and welcome to the circus!

Two different idiots in the GOP spoke publicly on hot button women’s issues, both old white men insiting rape is gods will and she should carry a baby conceived by rape to term, if you want the new majority sex to go your way, don’t speak of rape unless your proposing lengthening sentences on rapists. Issue two disliked by women, schools, most women support whatever the teachers support, pubs war on public schools wasn’t a recipe for election, don’t f with teachers, common people got there back usually and will vote to protect that institution no matter what party they identify with. Example Idaho, state so red Texas tells Idaho to dial it back a notch. Obama got 20% of the popular vote in Idaho, pubs have super majority in both houses and a red neck governor. The major issue there, prop 1,2, and 3, remove teachers unions, fire em.at will, computers for every kid, Luna,who was Romney’s selection for education secretary,came up with Idaho’s law supported intensely by gov butch otter,sure win for the pubs,a hot conservative issue in a one party state,slam dunk for conservatism,not, teachers won landslide. Don’t f with teachers

I hate to assume but since looking like an @$$ is common place on Y!A I will. I will assume you are talking about the first presidential election with Obama and not the first one ever when the only ones who got to vote were white and male.

Because the Republican Party wanted to restrict women’s rights like no abortion even in cases of rape. Believe it or not a free country doesn’t revolve around your one stupid religion


“The Republican War Against Women: An Insider’s Report from Behind the Lines ”


Lots of male chauvinist pigs in the GOP who want women to be Stepford wives. “Open your legs and close your mouth. You are to be seen and not heard. And git in that kitchen n fix me some vittles NOW!!!”

Too many women voted with their “lady parts,” instead of their heads.

ahh, c’mon, ralphie, honey…. thiiiiiiiiiink backkkk… maybe it had a little something to do with that “LEGITIMATE RAPE” mentality that’s rampant amongst you misogynist pigs.


They want to be able to have abortions with no exceptions.

And don’t give me that, “oh, they only want to have abortions in cases of rape or incest.” No. Romney even supported that. But that wasn’t enough for them.

read up on the roy blunt amendment

That is one reason of thousands..

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