Why are Sarah Palin supporters trying to rewrite Paul Revere's Wikipedia page?


Wikipedia had to shut it down due to Palin supporters trying to revise history.

Wikipedia knows that Revere did not “warn the British” while “ringin’ those bells” and “shootin’ his guns”.

What’s even worse is that she ran to Fox “News” and tried to spin it as if she was right. Every time I listen to her talk it just makes me cringe. She is so incredibly obnoxious, I’m really surprised there are still people supporting her. Or any of the tea party for that matter.

Next project to rewrite Lincoln’s Gettysburg address

“Why are Sarah Palin supporters trying to rewrite Paul Revere’s Wikipedia page?”
So wikipedia will reflect the historical truth, for once. But apparently, wikipedia doesnt like that.

to be fair, i’m sure a lot of the edit attempts are from people trying to make fun of her also

People sometimes go too far with politics lol.
Palin made a mistake…Oh noes

She is just like us!!! And that’swhat we were taught in history wasn’t it. I mean like I mostly slept through history and squeaked through with a D. But those Liberals are always rewriting history anyway, and Wikipedia is SOOOO liberal.

Palin could strip down a 90 year old man, steal his sack and the cons would defend it.

It’s okay to revise historical accounts if you believe it was historically revised to begin with.


Liberals never try to rewrite history. They just makes mistakes, huh? Wikipedia is the liberal bible. lol

because people on the fringe right wing like to make their own history

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