What Makes You Think God Is Real? You Don't Need To Read It All.?

How can God be real? There are so many contradictory things to what they say. I will give examples. If God loved us so, he sacrificed his own son for us? How can this be correct? Children are made from sex, but God clearly made him from nothing, so he isn't truly his son – and he was born the same as every…

I completely understand your point, because I went through the same kind of Agnostic phase in my Christian belief. What got me out of it was I decided to find proof that there was a God (whether the Christian one or otherwise) so I decided to look at science. I figured, well if the universe is a random occurrence why does it have to follow a law of physics? That question made be go a bit farther. I investigated the Trinity (that is the three parts of God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost) that lead me to quite possibly the most amazing pattern I could have ever found. I discovered that an egg is made of three things the shell, the white part and the yolk. That’s three things that make up one product. Hmm sounds a bit familiar. But the pattern doesn’t stop there we have fruit the skin, the flesh and the seeds also the human body, skin, muscle and bone. Even the atom itself is proton, electron and neutron. Then I looked at the book of Genesis, were it says that God made mankind in his own image. Is that literal? I don’t think it is. Instead I believe that what God meant is that we are all made to resemble God in a more spiritual sense. In that sense the Human body is also made up of three parts, the body, the mind and the soul. Once again I noticed the pattern.

That is my reason for believing in a God, and more specifically the Christian God, because no one else can explain that pattern. No other religion, that I’m aware of, can hope to rival that kind of pattern. That is why I believe in God, not just because I have faith, but because I can see God everyday in everyday items and people.

So many questions…

“We sin, yes, correct, but who defines a sin?”
Different religions define sin differently. I believe sin is a spiritual disease, a wound of the soul. Life is given to us to heal ourselves (with God’s help), otherwise this disease will torment us forever.

“Why doesn’t God come to everyone? Why does he not prove his being?”
Please read the best aswer for this question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121204095404AATTr8i . As I see it, bias is inevitable. Atheists are biased against God, religious people are biased toward God. Pure, objective and unbiased knowledge I think it is impossible. Everyone is biased, one way or another. And I think God is not looking for our ability to reason, but more for our bias, for the inclination of our heart to believe one thing or another. That is why Jesus said to Thomas: “Blessed are those that did not see, yet believed”. As I understand it, the blessed are those who have a good bias, a tendency to believe the Lord exists, rather than those who have a bad bias, a tendency to belive the Lord does not exist. And that bias (good or bad) is determined by the free will of the person.

God does the best He can to keep people out of hell, but He won’t force them. People are free to go wherever they want. Hell is the right place for sinners. As some Saints have said, in Heaven the sinners wouldn’t find happiness, or their suffering may even be greater than in hell.

It’s just simply putting faith into something you believe in.
I used to be an Atheist but now I am Christian, because it made no sense how humans and dinosaurs could just magically pop out of nowhere because of an explosion. Then I started questioning how cells could even form into lungs, veins, skin, etc…

It’s a topic that could go on forever.

If that’s truly the way you experience i might want to prefer to ask you to do slightly study on faith. There are tens of millions of diverse religions. all of them imagine they are proper and maximum of them have outcomes and many are eternal suffering of a few form. between the 1000’s of religions there are 1000’s of diverse sects, denominations, etc. and that all of them have diverse perception structures. time-honored and that i have studied this on-line, (you may do your own study) there is likely close to to at least a million million diverse perception structures and in accordance to maximum in uncomplicated terms one proper one. how are you going to or will you recognize which one is sweet? it really is not a probability because it really is all synthetic fiction. in case you diligently study what i’m putting forward and also you do not enable a preacher feed you finished of lies you may figure all this out. there is not any God, no hell, and the human beings who worship cows in India are as brainwashed because the Christians in u . s . of america. reliable success Bro. wish you form your emotions with self belief.

“God” is merely a power play. It is an attempt to steal the authority of an all powerful being. It matters not whether that being actually exists. What matters is that people believe He exists and that certain people speak/spoke for Him. Don’t fall for it.

As for myself, if there is such a thing as a “God” and He has anything to say to me, I have FAITH that He knows where I am and how to say it so I know it is really Him. Therefore, I ignore ALL the clowns who pretend to speak for Him – especially, if they lived and died thousands of years ago.

And, religion is for those who would have others tell them how they should act, think, feel, and believe. That is counterfeit spirituality. True spirituality is figuring those things out for yourself.

As long as there are those who would have others tell them how they should act, think, feel, and believe, there will be religions – and, those exploiting them for their own agendas.

God believers fail to realize that, regardless of whether “God” (whatever that is) exists, or not, “it” will ALWAYS be a construct in their imagination that they created for themselves. And, “God” doesn’t have to be anything like that. So, it’s just an imaginary friend.

There must be a creator, as there is no coincidence. However, God is not material/real but the highest spiritual entity in our universe.

Because He lives in my heart and makes Himself known to me.

WOW – you really make a habit of NOT getting it. Don’t you!

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