What does it mean that Jesus came to free us from slavery of sin?

People say this all the time, but I am realizing that many do not understand the words that they speak. It's simply a recitation. Is it a current condition or is it a future/eternal condition? What bondage are we in? Even after we accept Him, we feel the same and are faced with the same obstacles. The only…

bondage is a better word. being in bondage to sin has the consequence of death. but if we are covered by the blood of jesus, we will pass from death to eternal life.
absolutely the best offer i’ve had this lifetime.

From Adam’s fall until the crucifixion, Satan was the undisputed Prince of this world, and all of mankind was eternally and indisputably enslaved to Satan, sin and death.

Unless and until that decrepit situation was remedied, man would never be free … and man had absolutely no ability to obtain his own freedom.

Just as promised (in Genesis 3:15) God sent his son to destroy Satan’s power and restore man’s God-given dignity and freedom.

Satan and his minions had no authority whatsoever over the sinless and divine Jesus, and no one (not even the devil) had the right to take the life of ANY sinless person … let alone the only begotten son of God.

Satan couldn’t help himself, and he arranged the execution of Christ, just as he had done to all the other prophets who came before. Jesus permitted Satan to do his worst to him.

The moment Jesus died, Satan was through … and mankind was once again truly free.

Jesus was resurrected and given all power over Heaven and Earth.

Under this new system of things, God was more than willing to offer reconciliation and forgiveness of sins to all who would swear faithful allegiance to Jesus … something which is typically accomplished by being baptized into the church.

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Like this; 1-eternal life 2-eternal torment, 1-heaven 2-earth, 1-heaven 2-hell, 1-life 2-death, 1-fire and water 2-earth and wind, 1-good 2-evil. Now Christ die in the cross for the benefit of humanity, Look humans pay attention; you are all death, again you are all death meat, life, real life is on the other side let me show you how is done and I will prove to you. One persons death can save everyone else if everyone else follow the same example, which no one is doing this days, Chris-tian = anti-Christ, again Chris-tian and anti-Christ is the same ****, how blind are seven billion people? in the beginning God created the heavens {fire and water, LIFE} and the hell, {earth and wind DEATH} they both are eternal and forever, only trick is humanity doesn’t know what is what, where is where, who is who, nor when is when, but I will give you a clue this World, this earth, this planet hell is not heaven by a long shot, peace

okay, the reason may you feel the same is because satan is condemning you. God cast your sins into the sea of forgetfulness. the reason that we say we are free from sin is, because death used to be the wage for sin. People used to get stoned for sex outside of marriage, and we would also sin and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus died so that we would be forgiven and not go to hell. So, we are free from sin, because death and hell no longer have reign over us. We have a Savior. Oh, and your still going to have obstacles, you may be faced with the decision to have to die for Christ one day. But, you will always have victory in eternity, because this life is but a mere breath to eternity.

I preach this and I know what I am talking about because Jesus did it to me:

Jesus said, “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36) The way Christ makes us free, the 1st time the word is used, also means set at liberty from the dominion of sin. The 2nd time the word free is used, it also means of one who ceases to be a slave. Hallelujah! Jesus Christ is the Son of God. If we truly follow Him, we will no longer be dominated by nor slaves of sin.

Now having been set free from sin, and having become slaves of God, you have your fruit to holiness, and the end, everlasting life. (Romans 6:22) ~ That means you do not have everlasting life at the end until you are set free from sin now, while living a holy life.

Your question is obviously sincere and the part about “simply a recitation” resonates. But your meaning in the rest of the text is so personal I can’t understand it.
Another thumbs down that makes no sense. How can “I don’t get it” be a thumbs down? Maybe I’m not popular. But how could that be? I’m always nice to everybody.

Most Christians who claim to be saved really are not. I’m not criticizing them or saying that their faith doesn’t help them, but a major life transformation, in which one is saved from sin, is rare. With most people, it’s more belonging to a club than anything else. If Christians were truly saved, this world would look very different.

If you do not know Jesus, you simply must sin. There are no other choices available to you.
If you know Jesus, you have the ability to choose not to sin, to obey from the heart the will of God.
He saves us from the power of sin…ie, that we ultimately die. He saves us from the sinful nature of ourselves as well. He saves us to a new life, and from our old way of life.

It is pictured as a marriage in one place of scripture. We are bound to the husband…the Law, which we cannot ever obey. By our death, we are freed from this relationship. We marry Christ…who represents Grace…and are no longer bound…a slave..to the Law. We are now legally bound , by marriage..to a new relationship…one based on forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Romans 6,7,8 are helpful here. Have a great day.

Religion is slavery. “Sin” is a religious concept with no connection to reality.
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“What strange ideas of the Divine justice must the Christians have who believe that their God, with the view of reconciling Himself with mankind, guilty without knowledge of the fault of their parents, sacrificed His own innocent and sinless Son! What would we say of a king, whose subjects having revolted against him, in order to appease himself could find no other expedient than to put to death the heir to his crown, who had taken no part in the general rebellion? It is, the Christian will say, through kindness for His subjects, incapable of satisfying themselves of His Divine justice, that God consented to the cruel death of His Son. But the kindness of a father to strangers does not give him the right to be unjust and cruel to his son. All the qualities that theology gives to its God annul each other. The exercise of one of His perfections is always at the expense of another.” – Jean Meslier, “Superstition in All Ages”

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Superstition in All Ages

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Humans have free will. However, it is our nature to sin, and to want to sin. This means that if we tried extremely hard our entire lives, maybe we would never sin, but this feat is near impossible. We have the freedom to choose whether or not to sin, but it is unlikely that we would remain completely sinless throughout our whole lives. So, Jesus died for our sins. He suffered the punishment for all of the sins humans commit because of our nature, so that we would not have to suffer them if we chose to believe in Him, accept His gifts of life and love, and ask forgiveness.

basically, you would suffer, die, and go to hell (or however you want to interpret the punishment) for the sins you have committed. BUT, Jesus suffered our punishments FOR us, so we do not have to endure them as long as we believe in Him. So, we are no longer in slavery of sin because it no longer causes us to be condemned

sorry if this was really confusing or doesn’t answer your question. i tried my best and i’m only 17

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