What do (some) Christians hope to accomplish by trying to shield children from gay relationships?

I know there was a big thing about if gay marriage remained legal they would teach about it at schools (I seriously doubt that was anything more than a scare tactic by pro-Prop 8 groups).

Either way, why is this necessary? With gay pride growing every day, children WILL learn that there are gay people in love,…

And why are they preaching against these people?? Jesus would take them in and love them instead of hold up signs saying “Yes on 8.” I think some people are just homophobic and use their religion as an excuse to sound less politically incorrect.

How about a bit of tolerance and love that you speak of and allow people to believe what they want? Such a contradiction.

Children will learn about it from the world. I do teach my children that boys should not kiss boys and girls should not kiss girls. I teach and train them God’s way. I don’t do hate speeches as many think Christians do. I simply speak the truth.

I don’t really want to go far into this, but I feel like you’re living in outer space. I’m not trying to be mean, but I honestly feel like I’m talking to someone from a different dimension. Why? Well, because No one has two mom’s or two dads. There is no such thing as gay parents. If we could get past that then I could probably go further and address your question.

You know very well that having it taught in schools by teachers would give it an air of legitimacy it would not otherwise have. My theoretical children would also be exposed to open marriages, suicide bombings, and astrology, but that doesn’t mean they should be taught those are perfectly valid lifestyle choices by the public schools.

Homosexuality is teamed up with older men with little boy group in california. In other words it promotes pedipilia in the end and beastiality.

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u obviously have to do some ugly stuff to get to heaven (at least if u read the bible, u would think that) like killing witches, slaying non believers, persecuting gays….

the same thing when we try to sheild them from porn, swearing, violence, and so on.

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