What are your family's names?

Just curious (and bored!).

1. What are your family member's names? (you can just do your siblings or include nieces, nephews, cousins, etc if you want!

2. Are your family members naming style similar to yours?

3. Would you ever consider using any of their names if they weren't related to you?


1. Oh, I come from a fairly large family :/
[in order of oldest to youngest]
Mom — Anita Josephine
Dad — Bradley [no middle name]
Brother — Nathaniel Henry
Almost sister-in-law — Melanie Lynn
Me — Cadence Mollie
Sister — Lily Theresa
Brother — Charles Ronald
Sister — Adelaide Cassandra
Nephew — Carter Nathaniel
Sister — Emmeline Cordelia
Brother — Oliver Felix
{yes, I have baby siblings, and yes, they are younger than my nephew. My parents missed having kids in the house, and they were doing a wonderful thing for our local hospital. And I don’t love Emma or Ollie less than Nate, Lily, Charlie or Addie.}

Yes, Nate & Mel’s name taste is much like mine. They chose the name Carter because it’s a hugely important name in my family, and it’s the surname of a widowed woman with no children [her name was Wilma Carter], who helped my great-grandparents escape the war and get to Canada. So Carter’s a name that’s used in my family whether a middle name or a first name a lot. When I suggested it to Nate, he and Mel loved it, and decided to name him that. And they liked using his name as Carter’s middle name.
And uh, my eldest younger sister, Lily, she’s 15, I don’t think she’s thinking about baby names just yet :]
But my parents and I completely have the same naming style, I LOVE all of our names [except mine, apparently my name came from their hippie phase, of course I’M the one to get screwed], but yes, I love all my siblngs’ names and they fit them so perfectly.

3. Almost ALL my sibling’s names, I love them :]

4. Yes, all their names are some how incorporated onto my list.
Nate’s — Lucan [Henry] Charles: His middle name is Henry.
Carter’s — Maxwell [Carter] James: Carter is also my godson too, and this is my favorite boys name.
Lily’s — Juliet [Lily] Belle.
Charlie’s — Lucan Henry [Charles].
Addie’s — Amelia [Madeleine] Brooke.
Emma’s — Rosalie [Gemma] Eve.
Ollie’s — Willem [Feilx] Dean: His middle name is Felix.
AND, a bunch of the names honor family from my boyfriend’s side.

5. I guess five would be an okay amount, but idealistically I doubt I’d be able to handle that many.
Viola Audrey Kate
Maxwell Carter James
Lucan Henry Charles
Rosalie Gemma Eve
Willem Felix Dean.
[Vi, Max, Luke, Rose & Will]

1. What are your family member’s names? (you can just do your siblings or include nieces, nephews, cousins, etc if you want!

Well, I’m an only child so I have a small immediate family so i’ll give you some of cousins names and stuff.

My name is Andrea Renee my father’s name is Thomas Otto my mother’s name is Sherry Ellen.

I have 2 aunts & one uncle on my moms side.

Barbra, Mary-Ann, & Frank.

Barbra’s children are – Kimberly, David, & Frank.
Mary-Ann’s children are – Bill & Lisa.
Frank’s children are – Michelle & Christina.

I have 3 aunts & one uncle on my dad’s side. (their german)
Renate, Ursula, Ulrika ‘Ricki’, & Gregory.

Renate’s children are – Stephanie & Drew.
Ursula’s children are – Caroline ‘Carrie’
Ulrika’s children are – Bradly & Tracy.
Gregory’s children are – Stephan & Kevin.

Some of my cousins have children.

Moms side ;

Kimberly – Mark, Gregory, & Anna.
Frank – Savannah, Ashlyn, Morgan, & a baby boy on the way.
David – Hailey, Brendon, & Madelyn.
Bill – Emma, William, & a baby girl on the way.
Lisa – Jay & Brett.

Dad’s side ;
Carrie – Sarah & Elyse – Twins
Bradly – Ashton, Karissa, & Daynen.

My grandparents name are ;

moms side – Elsie & Frank.
dads side – Eberhard & Gertrude.

2. Are your family members naming style similar to yours?
No not at all ! Their too boring a few are cute but their too trendy!

3. Would you ever consider using any of their names if they weren’t related to you?
No. Maybe Karissa but probably not.

4. Did you, or do you want to, name any of your children after any family members?
I want to name my first boy’s middle name after my father.

5. What do you want to name your future family/kids? Or what did you name them?

Well they always change but …

(I don’t want this many kids, these are just my favorite names)

boys –

Roman Xavier Thomas
Nolan Christopher
Cole Alexander
Mason Gabriel Thomas
Greyson Thomas

girls –

Lilah Charlotte
Mila Jade
Eden Lily
Anneliese Ivy
Anneliese Violet
Adelaide Claire nn Addie
Evangeline Scarlett
Evangeline Brooke
Roslyn Alexandria
Arielle Sophia
Autumn Brooke
Aurora Winter Ivy
Aurora Genevieve

That was fun, I was bored 🙂

1. I have two borthers named Jonathan Andrew and Jameson Charles. (My name is Alexis Rae.) And my most recent cousins names are Anna Marie and Audrina May, Reese Joshua and Weston Reid, and Raeleigh Hannah Alexis (who will have a new sibling very soon!).

2. Are your family members naming style similar to yours?
Not at all. I like some of the names used in my family, but I have a much different style overall, in my opinion.

3. Would you ever consider using any of their names if they weren’t related to you?
Yes. I really love Rhys (but spelt this way), and I think Audrina and Hannah are very lovely as well.

4. Did you, or do you want to, name any of your children after any family members?
Not at the moment, but things could always change. I am still young and no where near ready to have kids yet.

5. What do you want to name your future family/kids? Or what did you name them?
For girls I really love the names Elena Katherine and Rowena Lily right now. For boys I like names like Milo, Jude, Leon, Jack, Liam, etc.

I absolutely love Coralie Alice!! I also really adore Gwendolyn Juliet, Matilda & Harvey Declan 🙂


1. I’ll just do my immediate family, because I have a million cousins and I’m too lazy to write them in lol.

Mum – Naomi Charlotte
Dad – Michael Philip
Step mum – Michelle Margaret

Me – Lily Elizabeth Maeve
Sister – Isabella Viola Kate
Brother – Charles Oscar Ambrose

2. I think so. I think our names tie in fine together as siblings, though Izzy and Charlie have cooler middle names than me 🙂

3. When I was little mum used to talk about names all the time.. our name and what she was going to call us, etc, so I think I partially picked up my taste from her. I absolutely love Viola, and I’d use it for a daughter of mine.. it’s only her middle name! The only first name of theirs I like is Charles, and I’d use it if it wasn’t my brother’s name. I like Isabel too, but not Isabella so much.

4. I haven’t made a concious effort to honour people in my name lists, however I have a stack of combos with Viola in them, and quite a few with Charles or Oscar or Charlotte, so I might just have to wait and see.. maybe!

5. I don’t have any kids yet, but some of my favourite names are:

Clementine Ruby Alice
Florence Adela Blythe
Viola Ottilie Grace
Imogen Lucy Margot
Beatrix Jemima Ivy
Iris Mathilda Eve

Oliver Charles Emile
Henry Caspar Jude
Evander Jack Aurelien
Caspar Elliot
Jude Etienne
Silas Evander Charles


Siblings: Catherine Louise, Rachael Elizabeth, John Vincent Francis, Kerry Beth, Louise Renee, and Karl Allen.
Nieces & nephews: Hannah Rory, Kerry Lynn, Christopher Eric, Michael John, Ian James, John Christian, Vincent Sean, Desmier Allen, Isaiah Alexander, Kyla Pearl, and Aubrey Louise.

2) Not at all. I like traditional/classic names and some random cute names like Mira. My siblings like naming their kids after people or making up names, etc.

3) I love the name Kerry! I’d definitely use it. Pronounced KURR-EE, not KARE-EE.

4) I’ve thought about using Louise, as it’s a family name on my mom’s side but I decided not to because my sister has the name and I really don’t care for her at all. She’s not a great person.

5) Madeleine Pearl, Emilie Abigail, Silas Michael, Landon Matthew, James Kieran.

1. My parents are Andrew Richard and Alison Jane. I don’t have any siblings, but my cousin’s names are Francesca Beatrice, Henry Lewis, Samuel James David and Joseph (not sure about middle name). I have a lot of distant cousins too, I won’t list them all but a few interesting sibsets are:



Eleanor “Ellie”
Tainey (TAY-ney, a girl)

2. My first cousins all have classic or old fashioned names, which matches my style exactly! I do like some more obscure names though, whereas their taste seems fairly mainstream. As for my distant cousins, I find Liam Lauren & Luke far too matchy, but the others are nice. Eleanor and Tainey are interesting choices for sisters, since they’re just so different in style! I think there is a special meaning behind Tainey though, it’s not just a trendy choice.

3. I would have considered Samuel for a son, it never put me off that it was my cousin’s name, because I haven’t even seen him since I was four. But now it’s also my ex boyfriend’s name, so I can never use it. 🙁 I love Beatrice, Henry, Lewis and James, but I’d only consider them as middle names.

4. I’d like my children’s middle names to all honour family, mainly my grandmother (her name is Kathleen but I’m using Catherine to honour her, because I prefer it and it flows better with my favourite name), my dad Andrew, myself as either Charles or Charlotte and my mum either by Jane or by the nickname Ali. I may use some names from my wider family tree too.

5. I’d like three kids, hopefully at least one of each gender, and I’d name them some combination of: Serena Catherine, Leah Simone (although may change Simone to a family name!), Alastair Charles and William Andrew.

I really like your girls’ names, by the way! They’re all traditional, elegant, feminine and not too popular. Adeline Lily is especially beautiful.


Before I start, I’ll just say that we are Norwegian, and some names may seem odd to those not familiar with Norwegian names. Haha.

1. Nora Elise (me)
Emma Anine (sister)
Berit Merete (mum)
Morten Einar (dad)

Sara (cousin)
Evy (aunt) – pronounced like the Evie in GenEVIEve.
Bjørn (uncle) – Ø is pronounced like the U in burp. Or the E in derp.

Caroline (cousin)
Anne-Berit (aunt)
Thor (uncle)

Marius (cousin)
Bjørn (uncle)

Magnhild (grandmother)
Odd (grandfather) – Yes, Odd is a real name.

Gunhild Marie (grandmother)
Odd Willy (grandfather) – These names just keep on getting better, don’t they.
Lilly Oline (grandmother’s sister)
Hjørdis (grandfather’s twin sister) – Pronounced Yør-DISS. The Y is like the first Y in Yay.

Cathrine (dad’s girlfriend)
Jenny (dad’s girlfriend’s daughter)

Jason (mum’s boyfriend)

I decided to pretty much throw my entire family tree out there, just so that’s clear. I won’t go too much into the Norwegian pronunciation vs. the English pronunciation, as I don’t know how to explain Norwegian vowel sounds in English. I just added a guide for the names less common in English speaking countries.

2. Neh, not really. All of my family has names pretty normal in Norwegian, while I’m more into old-fashioned English names such as Maureen, Rosalind, Edgar and Rupert.

3 & 4. I’m not entirely sure. I want my children’s names to be easily pronounced in English. I’ll consider Ivy or Genevieve after my aunt Evy. I’ll consider Emmeline after my sister, Emma. I also think Coraline is rather lovely, which is similar to Caroline, but I don’t think I’ll actually name her after my cousin, as we’re not particularly close.

5. Edgar Klaus Alexis, Rupert Ashley, Adrian Walter, Theodore Alan, etc
I’ve not decided on any girls names yet.

1. Morley & Phoebe
Susan Jean, Robert Ernest Lee, Wayne Thomas (my dad), Brian Duncan

Barrie & Diane
Scott Barrie, Lisa Lynne (my mom), Karen Elizabeth

Siblings & I :

Katelyn Marie (me)
Andrew Thomas
Rachel Kathleen

Phoebe Anne
Emily Jean
Victoria Faye
James Kevin
Joshua Morley
Elisha Ruth Grace
Luke Duncan
Noah Ernest
Timothy Robert
Sarah Elaine
Matthew Lee
Jacquelyn Elizabeth
Braden Jonathan
Julia Calista Elyse

2. our naming styles are pretty similar in the sense that none of us really like “out there” names
3. Victoria! I love that name 🙂
4. actually all of my favourite names have middle names that are either family member’s first or middle names
5. I like:
Ella Joy (after my mother in law)
Carson David (after my father in law)
Tyler Mark (my husband’s middle name)
Jordyn Victoria (my cousin, who also happens to be my best friend)
Sophia Lynne (my mother’s middle name)

Mom: Gail Louise
Dad: Daniel Paul
Grandparents: Shirley Genevieve, Karen Lynn, William Thomas.
Aunt: Debra Lee
Me: Danielle Jordan
Cousin: Madison Nichole
2. Not really, except the Daniel/Danielle thing. :p

3. I think I’d still love Genevieve.

4. I’m planning on using Genevieve, because I think it’s beautiful. And it was my grandmother’s grandmother’s middle name as well. And my first son will be named Liam Thomas after his great-grandfather that would’ve adored him. (Liam is the diminutive of William.)

Elena Genevieve
Delaney Rose
Liam Thomas

Oh my, I have so many, so I just named three.


1.)i’ll do my sister & cousins.

dad’s side:
Jennifer Lynne + William Gerad.
Amber Lyn + John Joseph (they had a sister Britney, she died young who I never met)

mom’s side:
Jennifer Lee, Stephanie Anita, + Malynda Payge.
Stephanie had Mateo James + Skyla Payge

Cynthia Marie (me) + Christina Lynn (sister)

2. We all have sort of old fashioned names, on my dad’s side at least.

3. Honestly no, I may use Christina as a middle name on my future daughter, but thats all.

4. Besides Christina, I may want to use Leonard Raymond (one or the other) for my dad, John for my late uncle, or Anne for my grandma + aunt (they have the same name, Mary Ann/Marianne).

5. I want 3-5 kids. If I had 4, I’d want 2 girls + 2 boys.
Ava Madeline, Emma Audrina, Chase Cameron, + Brody Michael.

fun 🙂

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