Tell me why we, as Illinois citizens, are paying Barack Obama to be our senator when he's out cmapaigning?

How can we find out how many votes Barack has been present for in the Senate this year?

Sorry to be the one to tell you this but –
He was USING you guys for a title that would give him some viability to run for President. Illinois was just a tedious rung on his ladder. At least the other candidates actually put in some significant time in the House or Senate (or as Governor) before trying to run for President.
Obama has the least experience of any of the candidates. He never intended to actually pay his dues; he just wanted the titles and power.

Sarah Palin has greater journey with human beings and the failings the human beings choose because of the fact she replaced into mayor, then governor. And Obama has been interior the U. S. Senate and Illinois Leg. yet he has no journey working with the hassle-free guy. I stay in Illinois and this state remains a multitude! while it is composed of answering questions, McCain provides it to you element black and Obama beats around the bush to respond to the questions. and a few information I truthfully have gained the Obama replaced into raised muslim which got here out while his step-sister instructed all. Why is he attempting to conceal this techniques? do you like a guy who would be unable to be depended on? all of us be attentive to have been McCain believes while it is composed of this usa! i don’t experience that approximately Obama. and don’t overlook what Mrs. Obama pronounced “For the 1st time in my person life, i’m pleased with my usa.”

Well, I could ask the same thing about more than half of the canidates running, most of them are already currently in a political position, leace Barack alone, I like him.

you guys are getting gipped! However, all the states are getting screwed when people run for anything, even re-election. They care about their own job more than the job the voters sent them there to do!

I am not sure, he would not be ahead in Chicago I found a whole website of people there (citizens) who can’t stand him.

It is in the Congressional Record.

How is Obama any different than Clinton, McCain or Ron Paul?

Or for that matter gazillions of politicians past?

The US Congress web site should have it. If you are really that concerned but I doubt it.

I’ll bet the citizens of NY are asking themselves the same questions.

isn’t the others running in office as well, so who covering for them while they are out campaigning

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