Stuck between two girl names…help!?

We are stuck between these names for our baby girl:

Sophia Gabrielle Olson
Noa Sophia Olson

Which is prettier and more unique?

(Noa has been the #1 girl name in Israel since 2005, and is also commonly used in Europe. In the Bible, Noa was a daughter of Zelophehad. It has a completely different…

I, personally, prefer the name Noa [and it’s so nice to see people recognising that there *is* a feminine variant to Noah] to Sophia, because Sophia is a lot more common. I prefer the spelling Sofia too. But Noa Sophia doesn’t flow quite as well as Sophia Gabrielle, due to the two -a endings.

Hmm… I think I’d go Noa Sophia anyway. She surely won’t be called by her first and middle name much, so I think the flow shouldn’t matter much.

Good luck =]

I like Sophia Better. But it seems That you like both so use both names, Sophia Noa Gabrielle Olson. Long names are very cute I this is a very very cute name hope this helps you good luck with you baby.

I’m not sure how to pronounce Noa, does it sound just like Noah or is it different some how?

Overall, I would have to say I like Sophia. You have to think of your child when you name it, imagine it going through life with people misspelling/mispronouncing her name all the time? It would get so annoying and so old! Plus is relatively uncommon, which is sometimes good to be different, but not always. Just think about it. But in the end it’s your decision. If you like the name, then use it. It’s your child.

Number 1 has already put you in the dreaded Friend Zone. You’ve wasted too much time (three years!) and now she believes you don’t like her and so she has set her sights on some other guy (even if you don’t know it). Number 2 is a better prospect. The novelty is still fresh, and she has volunteered her contact (although something more personal such as a phone number would have been preferable). You have to find out if Number 2 is just flirting because it’s her hobby to mess with young impressionable guys’ heads, or if there is nascent interest. Either way, you have to make a move on her STAT. When you’re on one of your outings (bicycle, kayak, a walk in the park … some ACTIVITY that is fun and only leaves her mildly tired, not something like mountain climbing, leave that for later on), call her and invite her to join you. If she declines, you will know then that she’s the kind of girl that just likes messing you up and you’ll know then all energy you use there is energy put to waste. Good luck.

How About gabrielle sophia otherwise I think Sophia is nicer then Noa even though its more popular

You obviously like the names Sophia and Noa… So why not swop things around a bit and have Sophia Noa?

Personally i prefer Sophia Gabrielle Olson
but you seem to prefer Noa

Noa is actually really cute (i like it alot)

Noa Gabrielle Olson is gorgeous

My suggestions

Noa Rose Olson
Noa Paige Olson
Noa Lily Olson

I love the name Noa, it’s very different and feminine touch without the “H”

I’d go with Noa Sophia Olson =D

It’s very pretty!!!

Good Luck!!!

Noa looks incomplete to me and it doesn’t sound as good with Olson as Sophia does.

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