Spiritually speaking, if we were to protest and stage a R&S strike?

What would your sign say?

“We demand freedom of speech and avatar games”

Have a good one!!

Cinn =)

heya ((((one))) I didnt recognize you til I re-read the name

It’s a back up name, I’ve been getting too many darn violation notices on my other.
So I figure for every one they delete create at least 2 lol

i admire paying taxes, with the aid of fact i understand I actual have a international classification protection stress conserving me (70% of my federal tax money), a loose highway equipment (the place politicians did no longer sell it to non-public pursuits for tolling me on my tax investment), sewage, public colleges, a socialized police stress, and different styles of socialism that permit capitalism to exist with out becoming to be the ‘loose commerce’ international defined completely by using Charles Dickens. yet, however, i’m an American, in evaluation to maximum on the recommendations-blowing.

God Hates Report Monkeys


Make love, not war.

“if that’s one eye he’s sexxxy!”
oh and one that says “rotten bananas for the monkeys”

I’m as mad as hell and i’m not going take it anymore …..tom cruise sign my baby

Gimmy my damn free drinks!

“I don’t know why I’m protesting”

“I protest… bad things!”

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