Should Ted Kennedy be able to change State law whenever it benefits Democrats?

Ted Kennedy is worried that his vacant seat won't be filled in time for the Health Care vote, and is asking the Massachusetts State Legislature to repeal a law requiring a special election to be held to elect a successor. But guess who pushed that law through in 2004? That's right, it was Kennedy himself….

One thing we all need to come to the realization of and do it fast, this is not the democratic party of our Grandparents. Most of the members of the current democratic party are democrats only in name. And this is not being said as a conservative but as an American. Americans need to carefully start scrutinizing who they vote for, and that does not apply to only the democrats but also the republican party. Its time to wake up America!

All valid points ! However ; don`t forget the Liberal Socialist Mantra ” DO AS I , SAY NOT AS I DO ” ? Is no one curious about the fact that the Liberal Democrats have been bad mouthing our American Health care system for the last decade or longer ? I`m sure you can pull up countless You Tube videos of every democrat in Congress and see and hear them pummel the USA Health care system , and boasting that our Health care system isn`t as good as other countries “Socialized Health care System” , not even as good as Cuba`s as that liberal deranged lunatic Michael Moore tried to portray , along with the rest of the liberal socialist bias` media as they ran special`s about it ! So after all the raping of our health care system by the liberals` , why didn`t they condemn Kennedy for not going to that haven of superior Health care called Cuba ? Why didn`t Kennedy refuse to be treated by the very doctors` he has blatantly degraded ? Why didn`t the liberals` stand up for their so called “principles” of ” there`s better health in other countries “. ya` know why ? Because when the scalpel hit`s the surgeons hand , even the Liberal condemners of America`s Health care system want to see an American flag patch on the doctors lapel , and they dam sure want to have their rights read to them in ENGLISH !!!! Thus ; Liberals prove to themselves that they themselves don`t believe in what they tell the public to believe , consequently proving to themselves they are liars to the max !

Kennedy’s success in changing state law depends on the state legislature’s willingness to agree with him. They are not his puppets.

“sometimes when the public good is pretended, a private benefit is intended” COKE, 10 REP. 142B

This quote should be remembered any time you hear a politician promising something—–especially Hillary

yea really if he’s going to do that he should at least become a republican as they will do anything to rig an election

Maybe it’s a karma thing.

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