Should I buy a 2007, 2006, or 2005 Infiniti G35 sedan?

What are the major differences between them? Would it be worth buying an 07 so that I can keep it for longer before selling it and get more out of the warranty? Or is the depreciation high between 07 and 05? It’s my first Infiniti so I’m not sure what the major differences are.

07 G35 sedan has been completely redesigned but if you get an 05-06 G sedan, you are getting an older design. Take a look…

The new 2007 G35 sedan has been completely redesigned (despite having the old chassis remained unchanged), and is powered by a brand new engine called VQ35HR. This engine is more powerful, more fuel efficient, and more responsive than the previous VQ35DE. The “HR” stands for High Revolution. Over 80% of the internal components have been strengthened or redesigned to handle the increased RPM range. (7500RPM Redline). Although the horsepower rating is only 8 more than the previous generation, the real horsepower difference was much more due to the new SAE guidelines for horsepower ratings in 2007. Infiniti G35 Sedan Journey (Auto) with 306HP can get 0-60 MPH: 5.4 sec, 1/4 mile 14.0 sec (according to Consumer Reports)

2007 is the best bet. If you get an 05-06 G sedan, you are getting an older design.

What it all comes down to anyways is the money, you will easily be able to find an 05-06 G sedan for like 25K, an 07 will run you around 35K because there are not too many of them out on the used car market.

So weigh out your options, as this is your first Infiniti I can guarantee, you will be happy either way.

Buy the 05` because of the depreciation and the warranty is 6 yr/70k on the motor and transmission. I was proud to work for Infiniti cars and would work for a different dealer in a heartbeat. The radio might fail but it is not made by Infiniti.

The 2007 has just underwent a major redesign which includes a more powerful engine and a various other significant changes. I would recommend going with this model year. The depreciation on all G35s, especially the coupe, is not very big due to their high demand.

Get the 2007 model because it’s newer, and has more things added to it then the previous models.

The new 2007 models have a new design, and has more horsepower in the engine.

Get the 07, as is a newer design, and the most horses in the engine.

After 2005 they are all great cars. 2007 is more fun to drive because it has more power, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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