Republicans, Would You Vote for A McCain/ (Hillary) Clinton Ticket?

I know that it isn't going to happen, ever, but i was reading a discussion on a political forum where people were saying (probably joking) that hillary clinton would join mccain's ticket as the VP when she loses the democratic nomination. Republicans, what are the odds that you would vote for McCain if…

yes for me but i cant say the same for the rest of the party

that probably would push a lot of conservatives over the edge and make them vote for bob barr (L). a lot of conservatives think john mccain is too moderate with his record of reaching across the aisle and having a few liberal views which lost him the candidatcy of the republican party back in 2000. lossing the far right backbone support of his party might lose him the election if he did this. also the vice presidential candidate is voted on at the convention, the candidate just offers one up usually and the party okays it, probably wouldn’t happen with mccain/hillary.

so far polls say 85% of republicans back john Mccain, so he will have to work a little to show that he is their nominee, like it or not. barack obama has about 70% of democrats backing him, probably a result in the ongoing fight between hillary and Obama.

I would not. If McCain wants my vote he will need to pick someone like Dr. Condoleezza Rice for a running mate.

Otherwise I might be forced to write in a vote for “An Old Yellow Dog”.

i have a problem voting for mccain. before i would even consider the assumption with clinton on the ticket i would first want to know if she had anything to do with vince foster’s murder,er, alledged murder. but to answer your hypothetical, i’d rather cut my heart out.

I would vote Republican because it is best for America. So the answer is yes.

Say No To War….vote Obama

if it meant keeping Obama out of office and Hillary was the VP then, yeah.

I might. Vice Presidents serve little purpose anyway, so it wouldnt change policy.

I guess I’d have to. It should’ve been Huckabee/Thompsen, but anything to beat Obama.

I would not. But I’m not Republican.

No, I wouldn’t. I don’t care for either of them.

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