Poll: How do you react when…?

Your phone fell down and when your friend fell down?

BOTH HURTS and smile if nothing happen ……….. :-0

My friends are though guys, won’t fall that easy. But if they do? They won’t fall alone, I too might fall along with them in an effort to cushion their fall. Friends are precious, ”phones toh kai aa jayenge”

Forget the phone and remember the friend…

Be more worried about the phone than my friend 😛

When my phone falls I am worried that it broke when my friend falls I not as worried because I know they will be okay.

i wil pick up my phone and try to take a snap of my friend


help my friend,to get up,i can get a phone any time.

If my phone falls I just pick it up…. but if my friend falls I laugh, then help pick ’em up…. xD

I will pick up my friend if he picks my phone….else i will pick up my phone and leave him there

i will pretend as though I didnt see that guy or woman in any respect. and that i will proceed listening to the songs. yet nevertheless if that guy or woman contniues to annoy, then i will supply an rather arroagnat lok to them & i will ask ” Kya hei” ? i will additionally attempt to maintain a grin on my face & *@&(^*&((#^&&*(^#*&%^&^&#%*&# interior …

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