Poll: BMW M3 2001-2006 or the new BMW 335 2007-current?

BMW M3 (2001-2006) or the new BMW 335 (2007-current)?

Which one would you rather pick?

I pick this one

the new one looks to heavy.

I’ve never driven a 335i but I use to have a 2002 M3 Convertible. Great car. However it does look a bit dated but still very nice in my opinion but if I had to pick one I’d go for the new 335 with the new technology plus I think the exterior of the 335i Coupe is very smooth!

if both brand new I will go for m3. non turbo are more reliable on long run. M3 2006 is the last bmw classic before jumping to new kind of design

The new one. The new ones come with options like twin turbo engine.
If your willing to spend money for a M3, putting a little more for twin turbo is so worth it.

Definitely the M3. It’s one of my favorite cars too. That beast can really roar.

The classic boxy styling of the E46 ///M3 still turns my head. On the other hand, my E92 ///M2 also turns heads! 🙂

2009 black 335i convertible

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