New home sales down 33%! Is this another example of the success of Obama's economic policies?

Is it time for BO to get a new economic team or does he really want to see a recovery?
You never want a good crisis or two or three to go to waste now do you

Existing homes sales were also just reported and yes they were…

I sure hope he doesn’t keep succeeding at what Bush succeeded at. Bush succeeded at putting this country in the toilet. My presumption is that if Obama keeps doing what Bush did, he will succeed like Bush did.

Insanity: Doing the same think over and over again and expecting different results each time.

Great links BTW! is also a good source to find out what real estate is doing in your area as well as the rest of the country.

The lingering effects of Bush huh? LOL

Wasn’t he the one who tried to warn Dems in Congress about the collapse of the housing market via Fannie and Freddie, 17 times no less?…

That is bad news but it reflects the lingering adverse effects of the Great Recession. Suggestions as to what President Obama can do to further help the economy recover would be welcome — only sensible ones of course.

Yes, as long as the government intrudes into the market and doesn’t allow prices to fall and inventory to clear the process is extended over a longer period of time.

Stop the government interference in the markets and the markets will recover. Shut down the Energy Department and the Education Dept and reduce government and you will see the US economy boom!

And unemployment is up when all the temporary census jobs ended.

Another bad month that Obama will just blame on Bush.

Obama thinks “normal” means 10% unemployment and half a million jobless claims per month.

Nope. It’s an example of the lingering effects of the George W. Bush Memorial Recession.

The housing market is inherently slower than any other. People don’t buy homes every week. And they take out thirty year mortgages. When it’s been damaged the way that Bush damaged it, it takes a LONG time to recover.

Yeah… I love it… this is BUSH’S FAULT <—– Extreme Sarcasm…

We’ve had a DEMOCRAT controlled congress… since 2006… We’ve sent hundreds of BILLIONS ( like 786)…

He’s wasted all this time on (so called) HEALTH CARE.

Yet… let me forecast… what OBAMA will say is: It’s failing because we’ve not SPENT ENOUGH.

And GREECE ad SPAIN – aren’t even a CLUE to this administration.


Dems set up this whole real estate house of cards. Insert denial here.

Lets spend our way out of this! Come on everyone! We can all go off the cliff together!

You first, though.

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