Is this illegal? Would CPS get involved?

Dont worry. Im not doing anything crazy. I have 2 questions though, to my friends who also use Y!A, dont worry, Im not seriously considering the first question, just want to know if it would be an option, and the second one I really want to do, but its never going to happen, so nothin to worry about Em and…

You are NOT taking my Nephew it live with some tribe- OR away from his cousin for 9-10 months when she’s 3, no way! 🙂

As for CPS getting involved, they really couldn’t. If you are a resident of another country, they can’t get involved, as for hiking the trial…seems like an extended vacation to me….they can’t stop that from happening. Obviously it depends on custody, but considering your current arrangement- obviously his father isn’t in a “position” to protest (hehe).

1) If you and your child moved to South America, you would be responsible for obtaining the appropriate visas. Then, you would be subject to the law of the South American country in which you were residing. The United States government would not become involved in your activities in that country, unless, perhaps, you are breaking a custody or visitation agreement by moving him out of the U.S. If no such agreement exists, you are free to go.

2) As far as I know, this is legal. In addition to proper medical care, he would, of course, need food and shelter. I doubt CPS would get involved unless you had a buttinsky friend or relative who believed you were not properly caring for your child.

LOL you knew we were going to freak!! Anyway…

I think both questions depend on your custody situation. I’m pretty sure you have to get the father’s permission to take a child out of the country – if he has any type of custody at all. If you have sole custody you’re good to go. Also, before you go to another country, they make you get all the proper shots. So I don’t think CPS would need to get involved, because you’re getting him medical care before you go. Also, he’s not in school – so it’s not like there will be truancy.

the legal answer:NO they cannot do anything,your child is not sick and in the uk children are not legally obliged to go to school if they get a home education and this does not mean a normal standard education,you may as well decide that him knowing new cultures is what you want.
so go and enjoy i would do the same if opportunity appeared.i do plan to take my 8 year old around the world sailing with me in the next 2 years ,it’s my choice ,i personally think he will learn a lot more travelling that in a class room and that is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

1) Legally, well, that one is tricky because you would have to obtain a passport and consent from the father to travel to another country. Once there you would need to find out how to go about becoming a citizen. But yes, legally it is obtainable. As for CPS, unless you were to go to them to ask for permission to do such things, it really is none of their business (even after bringing it to their attention yourself, it really is still none of their concern).

2. Yes, it is legal to take a fantastic journey with your child and as long as he is properly cared for, CPS won’t bother you. Heck, just wandering through, short of an er visit, they won’t even notice you are there.

That’s what’s always puzzled me about CPS. The welfare of a child depending on country of residency varies greatly and we wouldn’t admonish someone from another country for having their child practicing certain traditions or eating certain foods but try it in a “developed” country and you’re a monster. If you lived there legally, no, CPS could not become involved.

My…you Do have either too much time on your hands or an over-active imagination. Be that as it may, all of this hinges on are you a single Mom with no legal ties to the father? If you answer “yes” then your lifestyle choice is yours. However I can’t see a 5 year old trekking through very difficult terrain that most adults can’t handle and frankly even remotely enjoying it for more than an hour! As to going and spending your life with some “tribe”…hmmmm….well, why not?

1.) CPS can do nothing about you and your child if you are in South America.
2.) CPs shouldn’t care if you make him hike the trail.
I hope this answered your questions. Good Luck!!!!

I can’t answer your question, but damn I wish my parents brought me to places like this when I was little.

So then you want to end up in foster care?

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