My 9 week old puppy's eyes a really runny. What is coming out of his eyes look like eye boogers but he gets them non-stop. The area around his eyes look wet,but arent wet at all. My mom and me are realy worried! If you think or know if he does have cold or somethingwhat do you think we should do…

It may be a cold or it may be blocked ducts that normally drain into the nose, causing over flow.

It’s not an emergency but make an appointment with the vet to have it checked out.

we are in a position to correct anticipate the domestic dog is dehydrated. He needs IV fluids and undemanding blood labs, which you will by no potential be waiting to do at abode. If he has had diareaha and vomited it truly is probable parvo and the longer you wait the fewer probable he will stay. it may be distemper. if so the best element you’re able to do if have the domestic dog humanely euthanized. via 9 weeks of age puppies could have started their vaccines. it may be an underlying congetital disease, yet is lots greater probable to be a virus, etc. you may discover an emergeny vet or any vet’s place of work open. Get out the yellow pages and commence calling. verify the canines’s gums. Are they white or pink? Does the canines have fleas, he could be severly anemic and want an emergeny blood transfusion. you won’t have the money for the care, yet while commence calling vets and clarify the placement they might attempt to save the canines in case you turn him over to them. —– What you’re able to do whilst calling is throw some dry towels contained in the dryer and get them superb and heat and wrap the domestic dog up contained in the warmth towels till you will get him to a health facility.

Take him to a vet. Especially small puppies need to have them checked out quickly.

Usually it’s not a big problem, the vet will give you some medicine and get the puppy to eat them he should be back to normal within the week!

Well, it’s hard to tell from this if he has a cold, but you should keep cleaning his eyes and get him a puppy wellness visit.

Is your dog current on vaccines?
See the vet for a proper diagnosis rather than guess

You should take him to a vet and have him properly diagnosed and treated. Stop guessing, and get him in to see the vet.

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