I got my 12 year old girlfriend pregnant?

Before any of you start trolling, this IS a legitimate question. First off, I'm 13, and I love my girlfriend, and she loves me. We've been going out for about a year now, and she finally told me that she wanted to have sex for the first time. I agreed, and got a condom for obvious reasons, and we proceeded….

For starters, it is a legitimate question. However, what you have done is illegal. The law presumes that when a girl is under 13 she is not mature enough to consent to sex. So even if a 12-year-old girl willingly has intercourse, as far as the law is concerned, she has not “consented” to it because legally she is not able to. The implication of the rule is that anyone who has sex with a girl under 13 is committing what is termed “statutory rape”. There is no defence to this charge – even if a boy says the girl was willing or that he thought she was older than she was, it would not matter.

She must tell her parents. Hiding it will make it worse, and it is not going to go away on it’s own. She will need help with this and the decisions she has to make for the future. You need to be as grown up as possible about this and do the right thing to help both yourself and the baby.


Well, whether or not you want to tell either of your parents, you have to. There is no way she can go and get an abortion, if she wanted to, without an adult present considering she’s underage. There is no way that her parents aren’t just going to notice. You have to go to the doctor and if she does it will go under her parents’ insurance, which will raise flags.

Think of all the things that could go wrong. I know you guys want to keep it most likely, but you are better off adopting it out or the other alternative. The way the world is going right now you’ll be lucky if you aren’t homeless soon yourself. I’m sure you are aware of the great depression, well what is going on now is much worse and trust me, she doesn’t want to be pregnant and out on the streets. Any stress she has now while she’s pregnant will go to the baby and cause the baby to end up having high blood pressure throughout it’s life. Anything that happens while the baby is in the womb will effect it once it comes out. The womb is the first environment where a baby starts to learn how the world works.

If the baby is born with a disability are you ready to take care of it? Many adults will abandon a child that as a disability.

I will tell you now that you are better off going to school and getting a great education. You have to either give up the baby or the other alternative. If you talk to your parents and tell them that that is your plan you are more likely to have an easier time dealing with them.

Good luck and sorry for the lecture, but I figured it’s something I would tell adults that are just popping out babies as well.

EDIT: A girl can have a baby at that age. The youngest mother on record was 7 or 9 I believe. Her uncle raped her and she got pregnant. Kids mature faster nowadays. There are girls having periods in kindergarten and developing breasts.

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I got my 12 year old girlfriend pregnant?
Before any of you start trolling, this IS a legitimate question. First off, I'm 13, and I love my girlfriend, and she loves me. We've been going out for about a year now, and she finally told me that she wanted to have sex for the first time. I agreed, and got a condom for obvious reasons,…

If she tested positive with a test kit from the store then she is probably farther along than 2 weeks. Usually, you are considered ~4 weeks at the time you miss your period if you have a normal 27-31 day cycle. As she can not get any care without a parent I would SERIOUSLY recommend telling someones parents. It is the smart and responsible thing to do. You will need to work together to figure out what is best for all involved. Please be smart and talk to adults.

And – to Chris, yes many girls have their period/ovulate by the age of 12 so yes, she could be pregnant. It is why parents and kids need to discuss sex and the potential out comes.

EVEN STUPID LUCAS WHO IS 12 KNOWS BETTER THAN THIS. Where I live in Iowa, The legal age of consent is 16. BUT there is an exception. If the girl is 14 she can give consent to someone as long as they are not 5 years older than them. You could get a prison sentence for statutory rape. I know that this question was posted 5 years ago ,but this is advice to anyone in the future.


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Hi I got A question for Everyone?? MY friend and his girlfriend have 2 kids together now.. but they broke up like 3 months ago. Well my friend got with his girlfriend when she was 15 and he was 18 or 19.. Okay she got pregnant at 16. Well her mom made him move in and help with baby and his girlfriend.. Well the girls mom was pissed , but she let my friend move in with them.. So then she got pregnant again at 17… Well now they broke up 3 months ago and they are trying to get sole custody of the kids and what him to pay 600.00 a mont in child support.. well my friend want to fight for custody. But the girls mom said if he does she is going to have him thrown in prison for child molestation……My friend is 22 now and his ex girlfriend is 19.. Does anyone know can the mom get him thrown in prison still since they are adults now????

I got my 12 year old gf Prego I’m 14 and I’m concerned if I will go to jail I want to be there for my gf if she decides to keep it or not but our parents know and so does the school we stopped and we started to do it again she now thinks she’s pregnant but we don’t know yet the school dosent know about that but the school knows we had sexual intercourse what will happen to me if she is pregnant will I go to jail or something plz I want to know

Your both way to young, that being said my boyfriend lost his virginity at 13 and he regretted it.
Has she even started her periods yet? Usually the average age is 12-13 sometimes later than that. Either way i think a girl is still producing eggs. I’d tell your parents, your too young to handle something like that. Wait until your older jeez, its not a race to get laid guys + your far too young to be in love , its just a crush!
If shes had her period since you’ve had sex you should be okay. Tell your parents + get a test. Maybe you need the sit down talk all kids at your age need about sex and relationships.

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