Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin or John Cena who is the most important wrestler in history?

I'll make a case for each.

Hulk Hogan: the most recognizable wrestler in history. Would the WWE have become as popular in the 80's without him? Would the WWE still be around today? Not only that, but he revolutionized wrestling by forming the nWo and taking WCW to new heights. Is he the most important…

Hogan, he too Wrestling out of the dingy unlit theatres, full of men smoking and drinking and baying for blood and made it entertaining.

Cena is a footnote, will never be more.

Hulk Hogan is the most important. hogan is the reason why there was an Austin or Cena. what Hogan did during the 80’s had an unprecedented effect on the business as a whole. He took the WWE to places no one expected. His exploits and his involvement with the music and entertainment industries paved the way for guys like Austin, Cena, The Rock, Triple H as well as others to become actors and things like that. Also i was never a Hogan fan but i do recognize and respect the man for his accomplishments.

As much I despise Hogan, he’s the most important. I know the WWE would not have survived with out Austin but there is other things to consider.
I live in the South and before Hulk Hogan came along nobody down here even cared about the WWF. Some didn’t even know it existed. At that time it was all regional wrestling and the NWA and AWA. Hogan put the WWF on the map. With out Hogan there may not have been any Stone Cold to watch.
Just my opinion.

They all deserve to be recognized, but WWE would have never been as popular as it is without Hulk Hogan. He was the guy who was pushed when the WWF first went national, and he stayed on top for many years. People complain that Cena has held the title for too long, but Hogan held it for over 4 years the first time he won it. That shows how hot he was at the time. Since then, no one has even come close to holding the title that long.

Hogan back in the mid 80’s was Vince McMahons guy to put the then WWF over the top on national tv. Hogan beat the Iron Shiek on ABC & then wrestling went over the top.

Next would be Ric Flair he was the biggest down south until WCW became national. He still is the best talker & wrestler ever.

Hulk Hogan by far. He made wrestling what is today. I would put Ric Flair before Steve Austin, the Rock or Cena. He has been one of the all time greats as well as Steamboat, Lawler,to name a few.

Out of that list, Hogan. You are deluding yourself with the Cena comments, mate. Yes, the negative reaction is indeed undeniable. Wrestling in general is nothing today compared to what it was during the Hogan and Austin eras.

“There’s a difference between wrestling and WWE”.
Agreed. There’s no-one in American wrestling more influential than Gorgeous George.

I think John Cena has managed to “bag in” a lot of fans for WWE, but Hulk Hogan started all t his revolution. Steve Austin is one of the most beloved wrestlers, but we still have guys like Shawn Micheals and Ric Flair who have done their share of events that have been super huge. And I heard that Cena is retiring in a COUPLE of years, so I don’t think he’ll be around that much…. He’s a great guy…….

Hogan was the original big name and cross over guy in wrestling. Flair was a big deal and so were Brett Hart and Shawn Michaels and so on but the first BIG star was the Hulkster as he bought Pro Wrestling to a national stage. Austin and Cena are good in their eras but they wouldn’t be where they are if it wasn’t for Hogan.

There’s a difference between wrestling and WWE. I wouldn’t have chosen any of the 3, but if I must pick I’d say Hogan.

DONT NOT even mention the loser cena in the same breath as Hogan, and Austin….and HOW IN THE HECK can you leave Ric Flair off your list!! Cena SUCKS …it just goes to show you how lame the majority of wrestling fans are today for accepting such a terribla character… shows you how crappy the stuff the WWE is putting out today!!

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