How superior is the German soldier vs British , One vs One?

German troops were until recently pressed men i.e. they HAD TO DO mil service. Forcing a man to do something he does not want to do is negative as you will then never get 100% from him, Conscription therefore degrades the quality of the soldier, his morale is very low. These factors make him a poor soldier.
In turn Britain has a completely none conscript Armed forces. every individual serviceman is a volunteer resulting in a highly motivated better trained soldier. I am a services member a Royal Marine of 3 commando bde i serve because i think it is the right thing to do. The British soldier is reputedly the best in the world he is certainly the best trained. Many other countries therefore seek and use British military training methods.
British troops have indeed a great deal of experience, they have learned from every little bit of it too! And constantly use any possible aspect of that knowledge against their enemy.
Also German troops get very little cross training resulting in low adaptability.
Results tell the tale of the exploits of the British soldiers and their battle capability.
We excel at our job.
Nobody can deny that fact either!
His Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, & American counterparts are also a very bad can of worms indeed to open id like to add, having served with and alongside them all!

I find it very strange that you should consider the German soldier superior when we hardly hear of any German casualties in Afghanistan or any other NATO involved conflict around the world. The truth is that the British soldier is the superior one having so much experience of battlefield combat and some of the toughest training in the world. In actual fact there is no comparison.

I live in Holland and from what I’ve heard in the media Germany has a problem with obesity and lack of fitness in its military. Their army is not used and the standards have become very lax these days.

Britain has been active in a lot of wars recently, like Iraq and Afghanistan, and others before then, so their standards are much higher because the soldiers are called upon to serve on the battlefield.

Meh, its not as simple as to say British. There are 4 different countries involved in British forces. For example, the elite SAS troopers are supposedly about 65% Scottish. Scots soldiers are the best in the world. If you look back in history you will find the Germans had great respect for them, which was born out of fear.

From my experience, and military knowledge, on average, the British soldier is considerably better than the average German one. Brits are very, very professional in their military. Some Germans are, but, not to the same extent. Germans can be quite innovative (they cheat on war games!), but, in actual battle, I don’t think they would be as effective.


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