How is each sign when in love?

Are you loyal to your partner or are you more likely to remain open to new possibilities even if you're already in a relationship?

BQ: Would you consider yourself as hard to pin down? What placements in your chart makes you hard to pin down?
BQ2: Can you deal with flighty partners?
BQ3: What's the…

How is each sign when in love?

Taurus – gentle and patient
Aquarius – Steps back and goes wow. often fall for someone confident
Gemini – they think everything is a game, includling love
Sagittarius – jolly, and act like they have nothing to lose
Pisces – sweet, and deep. wants to listen to love songs
Cancer – gentle, shy and womenly, if they are flirty or sticky this isnt love. even the men!
Scorpio – respectful, very proud and discrete at first
Libra – wants to communicate with you lots. extremly romantic
Virgo – will try to help you as much as they can
Leo – extremly proud and respectful
Aries – they want to be your knite in shinning armour
Capricorn – hard working, and will show a lot of consistency

Are you loyal to your partner or are you more likely to remain open to new possibilities even if you’re already in a relationship?

BQ: Would you consider yourself as hard to pin down? What placements in your chart makes you hard to pin down?
Yes, only because i must trust you, if i dont i will be elusive. I am elusive any way with my moods, but i am sure if i trusted you i would cling

BQ2: Can you deal with flighty partners?
not worth it

BQ3: What’s the sweetest or cheesiest things you’ve done for your partner?
wanted so bad for them to be happy i am excited for their future without me, they will be great!

Include your sun, rising, and venus sign.
cancer sun
aquarius rising
leo venus

well i think i have told you before, i havnt been in love, but i know when i am not in love, i am friendly, flirty and that, but when i think i could really love someone i am a little hesitent and shy but sweet

It’s hard to consider each sign, but I will answer from my POV.

I am incredibly loyal. There could be 60 sexy men after me and I will always choose the one I’m with. However, I am hard to pin down in the fact that I am very choosy over who I am attracted to. At the same time, I try to keep an open mind. I am not always attracted to those who are to me. I don’t want to indicate this in a shallow way but this has happened to everyone at least once. I guess this is my Sagittarius rising speaking.

No, I hate flighty partners. You are best off not with me if you can’t make up your mind.

I guess the sweetest or cheesiest thing would be me drawing pictures for them or baking them brownies and other treats. I love making stuff for people I like as opposed to going out and buying them expensive stuff. Then again, I am a struggling student.

I’m loyal to my partner. I’m not at all for cheating or being a player. That is a complete no, no in my book.If it doesn’t work, then there is no coming back if someone has hurt me deeply.
Yes, early in a relationship I am hard to pin down because I don’t want to reveal too much, but that goes away when I become close to the person.
No, I Absolutely cannot deal with flighty partners. I tried one time and it drove me batty:(
The sweetest thing I have done for my partner is well, I cannot say on here because there are kids reading this :O

I’m a Pisces, and I am extremely loyal. While dating (and if not yet in love) I will look for new possibilities. But once I’m in love, my door is shut with a double bolt lock.

BQ1: I think I am hard to pin down since I don’t fall in love easily.
BQ2: No, I can’t deal with flighty partners.
BQ3: hmmm…. the sweetest thing I’ve ever done for my partner would be…. *yeah, I can’t say* 😉

BQ: Would you consider yourself as hard to pin down? What placements in your chart makes you hard to pin down?
Not really. Once i start to fall for a guy, i’m in it for the long term. I’m quite loyal.

BQ2: Can you deal with flighty partners?
no. it drives me insane. i tend to lose my patience quickly and walk away.

BQ3: What’s the sweetest or cheesiest things you’ve done for your partner?
Include your sun, rising, and venus sign.
drove an hour distance and gave him a present just to cheer him up when he was down.

when i’m in love, i really lose my common sense. i don’t care what he’s done and what kind of person he is or if he’s broke, if i’m in love with him, i’d be with him.
i tend to get caught in a difficult relationship because i really don’t want to quit when i’m in love with someone already. i’d try my best to work things out.
bottom line is.. if he treats me right and loves me like he should, i would never leave him.

pisces sun
aries venus
sagittarius rising

in a relationship key qualities are:loyalty,passion,attraction,communica… being able to resolve conflicts,being able to understand eachother and love them for who they are, respect(especially the others opinions), having a good time together always, never resent them for anything (unless its serial cheating, theres a point where it has to stop), having a connection that is always there and feeling like it hasnt been years together and feeling butterflies

BQ: i would consider hard to pin down because i dont care if you like me, i have to like you. i have to feel something between us, which is called passion and attraction.i also have to find you to be honest when you want to be with me. **** players, im looking for a relationship not a fling. if ever i would to be in a relationship id want to have it be for the long run. i get having relationships for fun which is fine, but “relationships” that are like friends with benefits are not my thing. i dont want stds thanks 🙂
BQ2:flighty?? uhh if that is flirty, it would somewhat bother me but as long as he doesnt cheat and i can tell that he loves me. if it means breaking up multiple times, that is too much of a hassle and im not dealing with that ****.
BQ3:havent had a true relationship that i cared about cause im too picky, too quiet to get to know anyone(people in my school developed cliques that no one can get into),and i dont notice when someone shows an interest in me. if i were to be “active” 😉 and in a relationship i would have a home cooked meal with candles lit everywhere rose petals around us. and have desert on me, if you get me 😉 have some forplay,then do business on a bed with silk sheets. then after cuddle and give him a massage.


Chadd Nitre here and I’m a Gemini guy.
Gemini Sun (I’m not as mixed up as I use to be. Don’t assume.)
Aquarius moon (Yes bad child hood. Meh.)
Cancer Venus (Yes I prefer cuddling more than sex and I do want commitments. Meh)

BQ1: Answer 1: I am harder pin down when you aim to begin the relationship as I’m known to be not easily obtainable at the start as I don’t always make the first moves and if you come on to strong then oh god. This doesn’t really matter as I’ve already been pinned down but I ain’t married nor shall I lose my virginity until then. I’m devoted once you have me and I won’t just leave you unless you give me a reason like betrayal then I’m out you ***** of betrayal and then I’ll tell you straight forward “I’m breaking up with you” and leave and move on fast.

BQ2: Answer 2: I don’t know what you mean but money wise you are dead to me if you gain debts and I ain’t gonna fix that for you. I aim to keep a budget on our dates even if we may go to fancy restaurants, you shall not order a feast unless you buying! You cheat then I leave on spot without second thought and we done. Otherwise be free and fly just don’t fly into the sun! XD

BQ3: Answer 3: If I’m comfortable with you then I’ll be flirty and teasing as a mfo just aiming to make you blush every time I do. I do this for reactions and to keep your interests. In bed, I cuddle but I can tease too yet you still won’t bed me ever! I’m unattainable!

I did many teasing things like by people white laundry on white day in japan. I feigned complete and ignorance when people reacted but I secretly knew all along. I knew their traditions and I knew full well! I remember leaving love notes on my girlfriends door, whenever I asked if she wanted to go sky diving or something romantic, she usually says no but whenever she agrees then I kiss her while sky diving too. I do go tucking her into bed and no innuendos people. I kiss her whenever she is jealous or doubtful or worried and I just love to remind her of how much I love her. I remember our anniversaries as I’ll write in my notepad and on my calenders or in memos on my phone. I looked astrology just t check and I avoid our problems on the natal charts. I call her my love when people ask about her to tease her.

I don’t spoil my love as I only do these things when I feel that the time calls for it. I treat these moments like diamonds and if you spam them then they lose meaning so I try to keep in on a good level of use and try to change it after use. My current love is trust worthy or at least that is what I think so I have many reason to stay as she is reliable and I trust her as I knew her for 6 years before dating her is this our 3rd year together out of 9 whole years. I feel as if everything is okay with my love life and it isn’t like fantasies. It’s best because it is real and nothing is perfect so talk and change that.

I’m pretty good in relationships. I’m loyal and can deal with pretty much everybody. i honestly never get the good guys though, I guess i’m just that type of girl! lol oh well w.e…libra sun, sagittarius rising, and virgo venus

i guess im kinda hard to pin down, if the relationship isnt wat im lookin for then see yah!
lol i think this makes me a hypocrite because im a very fickle person especially in relationships and i would hate it if my guy was like that.
sweetest? i dont kno if this was sweet but i used to make my guy lots of pictures and poems, i thought he would think they were stupid but he liked them, that probably counts as cheesy too lol.

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