How do you potty train a two and 1/2 year old that refuses?

My daughter is two and a half years old. She is well aware of what needs to be done but refuses to do it. She has worn underwear before but generally no longer then a day before she refuses to wear them again. She will also refuse to go naked and will get herself dressed including the diaper if i try that. she…

Patience and persistence are the key to successful toilet training. Once every hour or two, suggest sitting on the potty seat to your child. Your “suggestions” should begin from the moment your child wakes up. Even though your child still wears a nighttime diaper, she should get into the habit of going to the bathroom first thing in the morning. After all, your child’s bladder will not be completely empty and you don’t know exactly when she last urinated. The other mandatory times for your child to try are right before and after her nap—especially if she naps without a diaper.

Use a calendar as both an incentive and reward for your toilet-training toddler. Post a calendar next to the potty seat. Whenever your child makes it through a day of doing it “all by myself,” put a special sticker on the calendar for that day. The sticker itself may be reward enough, or you may decide to up the ante a little by providing a special treat after your toddler earns a certain number of stickers—but not necessarily in a row. You don’t want to make it too hard.
You may need to entice your child to sit on the potty. Sit down next to your toddler and sing some songs or read some books to help your child relax. You might even want to turn on the water in the bathroom sink to see if the sound of running water prompts your child to run some water, too. If your child doesn’t want to sit or sits for only a moment and then hops off, saying, “All done,” don’t force her to sit longer. Just keep the potty handy.

Whenever your child sits on the potty or toilet for more than a minute, applaud her effort—whether she actually pees or poops. Certainly, you should encourage your toddler to feel proud of her accomplishment—or even her “unsuccessful” tries. But at the same time don’t go overboard with your praise. If you overpraise your child for successfully using the potty, she will feel much worse about the inevitable accidents that will follow. Even if you don’t make a big deal about accidents when they happen, your child will miss the praise and know she’s disappointed you.

Greetings! Parents and caregivers can assume all forms of control on our children, but there are two things that they have you over a barrel…..eating and toileting. Your girls are under three, so there is no real reason to worry just yet. Toilet training usually takes place sometime during the child’s second year. One thing I would strongly suggest is do NOT use pull-ups. Pull-ups pull the wetness away from your toddler so she won’t feel anything and will continue playing. Go ahead and use diapers until you think they are showing interest, then change right to underpants. Yes, it will make a god-awful mess while they learn, but they will quickly understand that when they have accidents, they will need a change…right now. Positive peer reinforcement will also help. One thing that will help more than anything else is patience and tremendous praise when they do use the potty. When one makes that transition, the other will quickly follow. It will happen. My hunch is it will happen sooner than you think. Your pediatrician will have plenty if information for you also. Call him or her if you have any questions. Good luck. This will pass, I assure you. Take care.

With my daughter she didn’t like using the toddler potties so we got the toilet seat cover for toddlers. Every time we had to use the restroom, my husband and I would actually praise each other, ” Look daddy is going to the potty like a big boy! Yayyy daddy!!” or ” Mommy is going potty we should tell her what a good girl she is!!” Monkey see monkey do kinda thing. I would also get a big bag of sugar less lolly pops. Every time she would actually try, I would sit with her and talk to her, once I heard the trickle of pee, or that little ploop lol, I would jump up and “Yell we went potty yayyy!!” I would help her wipe, Then would say go say “Daddy I am A big girl now!!” He would give her a hug and a lolly. Eventually we started giving her the candy every other time she went potty until we came to none. We still praise her, And she will get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and then go back to bed.

my son is 3 and does the same. for over a year ive tried. nothing works. even made him go around naked and he just peed all over everything. my family got pissed n made me put diapers back on him. so now he is spoiled and thinks hes in control. its pretty hard. im a single mom with a lil boy! i have no idea how anyone gets a baby to go on the potty,

Honestly, if it was me, as frustrating as it sounds, I’d put the diapers on her. Sounds like she’s getting it, but doesn’t have the desire to go in the potty yet for some reason. I’d give it a few more weeks and try again, or offer her both the diaper and the panties.

I went through this with my daughter. As soon as I stopped forcing her to go she started going on her own. She turned three in November and even wakes up in the night to go to the potty. I would buy her some new panties with her favorite character and then refuse to let her have big girl panties until she learns to go to the potty.

Just try not to push her too hard cause that will make it just as bad! My son is the same age and the same way!!!!!! It drives me crazy sometimes he will go and other times he wants the diaper I am in your same boat I have alway just been instructed to be patient that they will do it when they are ready but clearly he is he just dont want too!


you don’t do anything. Many believe you don’t potty train until the child shows signs of readiness. And refusing is certainly a sign that she is not ready.

Quit buying diapers. She can’t put them on if they aren’t there. Get her big girl panties and put her in them. You are the parent and you need to teach your little one that you call the shots, not her.

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