How do I increase my virtual memory on my PC, I am running XP pro?

Follow these steps:
– go to your desktop and right click on ‘My Computer’
– select ‘Advanced’ tab
– select ‘Settings’ within the Performance section
– select ‘Advanced’
– select ‘Change’ within the Virtual Memory section
– modify the Initial size (MB) & Maximum size (MB) as required within the Custom section
– click ‘Set’, ‘OK’, ‘OK’ & ‘OK’
– it’s then best to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Hope this helps!

Right click on “My Computer” icon. Then get the “Properties” menu from the list. Then click on the “Advance” tab from the dialog box. Then click on the “Settings” button under the “Performance” section. From the next dialog box, click on the “Advance” tab. Below that, you’ll find a button called “Change” under “Virtual Memory” section. From here you can change the VM and make sure you restart the computer to apply it.

Dont increase your virtual memory, you will make the computer run slower. Instead buy more ram.

ignore all previous posts about resetting your page file size, just go out and buy more ram. its cheap, easy to install, and is a huge benefit for the money.

let me know when you find out. and, besides this little problem, i am still working on how to stop the damn xp from crashing.

Right click on my computer… Select properties… click advanced
click performance click advanced (again) click CHANGE.;en-us;555223

scroll down to PAGEFILE…..

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