Has the gay community became more shallow?

Lately I've noticed it more and more in gay community. It seem like most of the guys in the gay community has became very shallow. Its all about looks and sex..I never read about romance. On social sites I see things like no fats, no femms, or old guys, no black guys hit me up (but yet claim they're only…

When more that 60% of gay men are fake married and are raising children ( me included ) all I can say is no.

If you look at nature, especially birds, you will see the same thing. The mating dance of certain of our avian friends is quite remarkable and this is so that each can find the perfect mate to extend their own genes into the future. Humans are the same, especially if looking for a sexual partner; the more a guy works out and is chiseled and cut, and if he’s also handsome and well placed in society, he becomes the chased-after favorite. While next to him a guy who is equally nice, but not as muscular or chiseled, may not be the object of affection for anyone. I agree that people can be shallow, but I think deep down they just don’t want to settle for less. It is hurtful for some who are considered “fat or femme” or whatever. But we have our heroes as well. We just have to find them. If we go out there with too high of an expectation, we will be disappointed. If we go out with realistic expectations, we might just find the person of our dreams. Hang in there, there are lots of great fellas out there.

All societies and communities are shallow. If you think about it, who doesn’t like to look at good looking people? Yes there are individuals who have lower standards, but of course the majority of the human race desire the next best looking person they can find. Maybe its just that some people are more open with putting out their standards, especially on dating sites because they don’t want their time wasted. (that’s just my theory) for ex: if you know you aren’t attracted to fat people, if a fat person tried to get with you, you would have to turn them down, well some people are willing to just throw it out there and say “no fats.” It’s sad, I know… but it’s the truth. Humans are vulgar and ruthless.

you would be wonderful recieved I reckon. I quite have a gay aunt and that i help her with stuff all of the time, she holds communities for infants dealing with isssues at homestead and faculty. it is humorous people consistently think of of that by using actuality mg aunt is a lesbian she is a few form of a guy hating monster yet she is in ordinary words a common loving aunt and so is her significant distinctive. and that i’m a guy and he or she or he would not hate me! as rapidly as I help out i’m dealt with in lots of circumstances, some people may be able to be jerks yet it quite is nit reason i’m at once yet by using actuality in an crew of persons there are consistently jerks.

Depending on the kind of community you’re having contact with.
Some spaces have waves with idiots / nice people.
When superficial people starts showing up on these places the nice people tends to abandon it and move to another bar / site / community.

There are still loads of nice people, just try to look into the right places.

Thats most of society, not just the “gay community”…sex is what the 21st century has been made to respresent…so maybe you will have to look a little harder if thats not what you want, but there are guys out there who feel the same way as youy

No, it hasn’t got worse. You’re looking on internet dating sites, what do you expect! Hetero sites are exactly as bad, actually probably worse because of all the exploitation of women/misogyny.

Everyone has their own preference. If you find to not fit in their requirements, then you can move on to the next profile. There is plenty of fishes in the sea to catch.

You do realise that it’s not just gay men, right? Men in general are typically shallow.

shallow is something in everybody. everybody has their own standards. wether we say we’re not or admit we are, we’re all shallow. some people are more so than others.

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