Halloween Costume Help 13 year old?????

Ideas 4 halloween costumes that r good 4 a 13 year old girl…i need help w/ this…

It all depends on what category you want.

I’ll oversimplify by breaking it into 4 categories and giving you a few ideas in each:

Scary– zombie, executioner, Scream, werewolf. Yes, girls can wear scary costumes. It’s a lot of fun and many costumes prevent anyone from telling if someone is a girl or a guy, which can be a lot of fun, and she can scare people.

Beautiful– fairy, princess, rock star, gypsy, belly dancer, genie. These can vary greatly, but all can allow for major wearage of make-up and glitter and jewelry, so they’re loads of fun for girls who want everyone to ooh and aah over how pretty they are, or girls who think they’re not so pretty.

Scary Beautiful– vampiress, zombie cheerleader, witch, evil pixie. These can be played either way and can be scary even when looking gorgeous. This, of course, is a lot of fun because everyone is impressed with the beauty and a bit afraid, too.

Other– I’m lumping other ideas in one category. They are a lot of different kinds, like movie characters, tv characters, book characters, and other stuff in general. The Bride from Kill Bill, Josie from Josie and the Pussycats (this works best if she works with 2 other girls and each wears rock style clothes and leopard ears), Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess, Arwen the Elf, the Queen from the Chronicles of Narnia, a Ninja, some form of animal (cat, dog, bunny), or something off-the-wall like a computer or a wedge of cheese.

All this will depend, of course, on what type of costume she would like from among these types. Happy Halloween!

Cute Costumes For 13 Year Olds

Haha a sheet ghost. So original..I like it! Hmmm…go as a girl. Wear make-up, a wig, maybe buy a dress or a cheerleader outfit. And then skip around, and talk in a high pitched voice. It’s not offensive, because girls aren’t really like that, and it’s funny because…well actually..why is it funny? Because it’s a misunderstood interpretation of a girl?? Lol. I have no clue as to why it’s funny, but I personally think it’s hilarious! (:

Couple of possibilities.

1. Go as a guy. Baseball player, football player. Whatever you’d like to be. If you do it right nobody will even guess you’re a girl.

2. Scary female. Addams family females (any of them) or a traditional witches costume.

Don’t be too serious about it. Use makeup instead of a mask and try to make people wonder who you are.

are there any characters you like? movies? cartoons? or comics? i made a kitty costume last year, included tail and ears, and furry leg warmers and big bell around my neck~ and i wore a tutu i made and a dance leotard so i was a ballerina kitty ;P get creative~

ooo tough one. Angel’s are good. Does she like TV shows or movies? A spy/secret agent like from Alias is pretty cool. Or cheerleader.

hehe, when i was 13 i was britney spears for halloween, but that was before she got all trailer trash…
any who… i think a good one is to be a mermaid…. itd be cute to have crimped hair with it too!!

Hope this helps =)

An old-fashioned candy striper.

gene simmons of kiss

a hip hop dancer, singing star,

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