Guilty pleasure names?

What do you think of mine??
Rosalita – Bruce Springsteen song, I don't know why. I like it, but it seems a bit too over the top.
Bluebell – Sounds pretty, but it sounds a bit too much like a fairys name and not a childs.
Lola – Can't use because I thnk of the Barry Manilow song (her name was Lola, she…

Rosalita is quite pretty, I’m sure it could work on an actuall child. Rosie is a cute nickname.

Bluebell *does* sound sweet, but, if I’m honest, I laughed when I heard the name Bluebell Madonna [one of the Spice Girls’ daughters, I think].

Lola is very cute, it’s #47 in England and Wales. Very usable, despite the song.

I *love* the name Ianto, thanks to Torchwood. I think it’s usable.

Mine are all girls’ names:




Columbia — Rocky Horror, anyone? I love the RHPS, but I don’t think I could name a child Columbia.

The first three are because I can’t see them on a grown woman.

EDIT: Ha ha, I love Magenta as a name, too! Her and Columbia are my favourites! I’m adding Nell to my list, it’s also in honour of someone named Nellie as well as Little Nell.


Rosalita is really nice, but it does seem like a really dramatic name for a child. I can imagine a grown woman with the name (for some reason I’m picturing a flamenco dancer..) but not a little girl.

Bluebell is cute, but probably the kind of name you’d give to a kitten. You could perhaps get away with using the nickname Bella though.

Lola is quite popular, personally it reminds me of Lolita which is never good. Lola & Lo are also used in the novel, so kind of ruined that for me.

Virginia/Ginger – oh my goodness never, I think calling a child Virginia when I live in the UK would be ridiculous.

Ianto is lovely, I think it’s Welsh? To the other person that said Torchwood – yes!

As for mine…

Lux – as a middle name, it’s Latin for light
Xanthe – zan-thee, I think it’s so pretty

Roscoe – saw this name in Fitzgerald’s Benjamin Button, it’s the title character’s son
Cassius – pronounced cass-ee-us rather than cash-us, I love it and love Cass as a nickname
Rafe – love love love this name

I also love really old fashioned names, particularly the shortened forms, for boys. Names like Bertie, Alf, Ted…

Aleshanee- I found it in a baby name book and I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing it right but I like its meaning. Its a native american name meaning “she who always plays.” It sounds like me to be honest so I think that’s why I like it. Given I don’t really know how to pronounce it I don’t think I’d ever use it.

Chinue- On first glance it seems like someone misspelled sinews but its an African name with great meaning, it means “God’s own blessing.” I love its meaning but like the other name I’m not 100% sure of the pronunciation.

Tarrianna- Yes, its one of the good new school made up names. I decided I didn’t like Arrianna so I added a “T” and actually liked the sound of it. My brother informed me that it reminded him of the La Brea Tar Pits so I figure he’s probably not the only one. Aurianna would probably be along the same lines but I actually saw that one in a baby names book.

Addanaya- Its back to the oh I love the meaning but I don’t know how to pronounce it. It means “her father’s daughter.” There seems to be a trend that when I like names like that I’m thinking more of how it describes me than what it would mean for a child.

Koi- Spelled like this its a boy’s name that means “panther,” nothing wrong with that except that I absolutely love this name for a girl. I even thought modifying it as Coianne or Coyannne would make it more “feminine” but someone told me it sounded like money or the pepper, Cayenne. Funny thing is I like that too. I wouldn’t be too surprised if something comes of this name and somewhere down the line my mother gets a peppery or a rich granddaughter. 🙂

Sunday- Sunday Rose Sunday Michelle Sunday Veronica Sunday Blaire Sunday Nicole Octavia- Octavia Wren Octavia Jewel Octavia Sahara Octavia Ruby Octavia Emerald Wren- Wren Victoria Wren Caroline Wren Susannah Wren Savannah Wren Elisabeth Evander- Evander Patrick Evander James Evander Bryant Evander John Evander Chase Atticus- Atticus Frank Atticus Charles Atticus Taylor Atticus Harold Atticus Edward Ripley- Ripley Joseph Ripley Jacob Ripley Layne Ripley Floyd Ripley Andrew BQ- infant Boy- Maxwell “Max” Hudson woman- Kimberly Erin Boy- Levi Anthony

Lola is on my name list! 🙁 lol Lola Babette after my mother.
I love Rosalita and Bluebell <3 Ginger is cute too! It’s my cat’s name!

Mine are:

Sonora ( I might use this as a middle name. I like Juliet Sonora)

Rosalita is ok, probably a 6/10

Bluebell is shocking! 0/10

I love lola 10/10 (the song is putting me off from naming my baby this)

Ginger just sounds like a stripper or hooker 0/10

Ianto is just too strange for me 0/10

I love Lola and Bluebell is cute.

My guilty plessure name is Gypsy for a girl. I love the name but I couldn’t ever call my child that for the obvious reason of being teased.

I love them but wouldn’t use them. And they don’t really fit children. Lola’s my fav. Unfortunate bout the song, but the name sounds a bit like that anyway.
I love the names Leilah, Shea, and Delilah. Unfortunately no one can say Shea, and besides its like a brand of butter, Delilah’s the name of a pornstar, and Leilah, well…i dunno, bit like Lola I guess.
no, i love all these names but i wouldn’t inflict them on a kid either.
For guys I like Jack, but unfortunately I know a guy called Jack who just ruins the name. Rocky’s a cool name for a guy!
Imagine calling a girl Scarlet. Now that is cool.
interesting ideas!

I would actually use these;
Adrianna, Adrianne or Adrienne, the problem is everyone seems to think Adrian will always be masculine no matter it’s culture or spelling. But I can’t help but like all three, for a girl.

Yours are cute and acceptable names!

Mine is Patience (from Guns n Roses) but I would never use it.. cos I am a nurse and it sounds like Patients… LOL

vote plz?…

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