Funny puppy behavior?

When the new puppy(2 month old lab mix) eats, he will take one piece of food at a time, walk away, eat it and then do it over again. I know its not a bad thing, I find it pretty funny. I was just wondering why he does this. Thanks in advance

It’s an instinct left over from the days of the wolf. The pack animals would rip a piece off of the kill and take it away to eat it before another member grabbed it away. Dogs still have this instinct. Especially the weaker, young and older dogs.

I think there is two reasons, for what I have seen, boredom and the food is too big. My last dog used to do it as a game. She would take the food, walk away, and eat it when she hadn’t had a lot of exercise or play time. My cats also tend to do it once in awhile and go back to normal. My boyfriend had a very young small breed god, and the kibble was still too big for it (despite it was a small breed kibble for puppies) and he had to walk away and eat it. With my last dog, as well, whenever I gave her bigger treats like carrot sticks or a bone, she would walk away to eat it.

It’s just the way dogs are 🙂

I have no idea why they do that. My dog does it also. I’ve found that if I feed her outside, and leave her alone, she tends to eat quicker. If I feed her in the house where she can see me, she takes a couple pieces at a time, and walks to a different spot to eat them, almost like she’s snacking. Crazy dogs! I don’t know what their thinking sometimes… ( :

i love that… my puppy still does it (she’s not a puppy anymore, but I always call her my puppy). She takes her food one by one and puts it on the carpet or close to where I am eatting and eats her food. I’m not sure why she does it, but it is SUPER cute! <3

The food might be too big for him. My dog does that when I give her a bowl of baby carrots which she cant eat normally like her dog food.

my dogs do this all the time and it’s not bad.Sometimes they could be picky and try to pick a piece and eat it off to the side.they dothis because thats just how your dog eats and that how it will probably eat for a while like my dogs

Not sure, but that’s pretty funny.

Just a guess, but maybe he is uncomfortable with his food bowl…either that or he is a wierd horder LOL

Maybe.. omg I have no idea. lol. Maybe he feels the need to protect his one piece of food while he eats them one at a time. lol. I doubt that’s it though.

My dog does this too. Then he gobbles all the rest of his food like someone is going to steal it from him. Sorry, I can’t tell you why!

My puppy does that too! My cats also do it.My friend said her dog does it too.Must be a common thing.

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