Fellow Christians. Do you feel good when…?

Fellow Christians. Do you feel good when you post a serious response to someone question and then you receive 10 thumbs downs from atheists?

I do.

I like how the truth irritates them so much and it frustrates them so much that they feel the need to protest via thumbs.

What do you think?

Its sad because it shows how many people reject Jesus. At times though you know when you get that many thumbs down you are serving Jesus and the world does not like that.

I’m also an atheist, and EMT makes a great point.

I don’t give thumbs down to serious and intelligent answers from Christians. If an answer is condescending or immature, I will give it a thumbs down–and that goes for both Christians and atheists. Both sides are guilty of being petty.

I’m glad you can get joy out of this. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes when 25 Atheists rush in and give bad answers though. They intended to overwhelm me of course. Well, the problem is we still need to bear fruit that remains (John 15:16). That’s what I’m hoping to see much more of in my life.

Yes I do. Oh how they hate the truth, some have got it all twisted around something shocking.

It makes you wonder sometimes, whether they are just trolls out for a laugh or genuinely, seriously misguided.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh!!!!!!!!!!… Wow that is funny. Yes I do feel good when I give a good response not that it annoys atheist though. I had to laugh though at that. hahahahahahahahahahahahahha

Urkel agrees with you!
Urkel is expecting 6-10 thumbs down!
Urkel is expecting atheists coming here even when the title says FELLOW CHRISTIANS!

I don’t get uppity either way around. I’m called to preach the truth, my feelings are regardless. Jesus doesn’t discpline us so our feelers are hurt or salved … rather not be Job tbh.


Ha I’m an atheist and I just thumbed up EMT!!! FYI, I don’t thumbs down people.

I’m a christian too, but you get thumbs down because you are preaching to someone over yahoo answers… Who comes on here to get told that Jesus will solve all problems.

See you pick the wrong place and time to try and tell people about Jesus. You think you are helping and being “Super Holy Man/Women” by doing that, but really, you are just fueling the fire.

I feel about the same way as when my thirteen year old and her friends roll their eyes at me. It’s just kids who do that I think.

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