Ever been told u look like a famous person or celebrity? If so, who? And who would you rather resemble & why?

I’ve actually been mistaken for (and they weren’t convinced I wasn’t) actor Thomas Lennon, who plays “Lt. Dangle” in Reno 911.

I’d rather resemble actor Christian Bale, who was FANTASTIC in a much needed Hollywood treatment of “Batman Begins”.

But alas….I look like….Mr. Wizard….someone my friends and Mrs. Wizard don’t seem to mind…..all that much.

Julia Roberts when she did the movie Pretty Woman. I never thought I looked like her but I heard it allot.

I just want to be different I don’t want to have a twin in life at all I like who I am and what I have in life so why even compare a person to another. Its just something everyone sees in life there will always be a person or person’s in life that resemble another it just takes us back to Adam and Eve.

I am not too religious either.

Been told by several different people that I look like Willie Nelson. Doesn’t bother me at all. I am kind of old and I have long hair and it is gray. I ware a cowboy hat. So you can say I do resemble him a lot.

I was constantly being mistaken for Chuck Norris when I visited Jamaica in the late eighties. Even my daughter thought I was him and was lying to her about who I was when she was younger! To be honest, I don’t really care if I resemble anyone else or not.

I never thought I looked like anyone but sometimes people say I resemble Sandra (Bullock) I guess.

ive been told i look like shakira a lot, by friends, but i was thinner back then. but i wouldnt rather look like any other celebrity except maybe angelina jolie because she has perfect bone structure, nice Big green eyes, a small nose and plump lips.

I’m always told that I look like Hyde from That 70’s Show.

most of the time – Anna Nicole Smith
sometimes – Charlize Theron

Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson i don’t no weather this is a compliment or an insult but I’ll take it as a compliment! 🙂

My uncle, who has mind disabilitys, says I look like Britney Spears.
He then added:: before she got her head shaved.

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