Do you think it's true that Black guys date fat/unattractive White women most of the time?

And if so, then what about nerdy White guys dating plain looking Asians? My city has a lot of these, but people don't seem to try to insult them as much. What's the difference? I even know a few fat Asian women dating White guys, my friend is one of them. Why do people insult Black men/White women couples…

Do really think that all black men are attracted to one certain type of women?

Honestly, as an athletic black man, I prefer fit, trim, women. They don’t have to be white necessarily, but that happens to be who I date primarily. I spend a lot of time in the gym, and there are more women fit my “type.” Most of them happen to be white as well. Most white women have no issue with dating black men. In my experience at least.

Heck NO. Black guys love the good looking , Attractive White people. White guys are not Nerdy. They are Handsome and all that a girl would want. The old saying is about a White women. If she dates and goes with a Black man, then she forever gives up being with a White man. Black men, do not date fat White women. They go for the best . My question is: Why does a Black man not want to go with a Black women ??? They all want White Women and pretty , slender ones. Why is that ???

Most of the time? No!

Why? Because they probably wouldn’t be with them if they didn’t find them attractive.
Yes, most of the black male and white female couples I see, the female tends to be overweight (Then again, I live in Texas, so much diversity here)…but she’s pretty! And so is the male sometimes (not “pretty”, but overweight lol).

And who cares if other people find her unattractive? It only matters if he finds her attractive anyway.
Fat =/= unattractive.

I just came back home from Jack in the Box, I saw this real muscular black man with a thin white lady!

Can’t speak for the US but over here in the UK that stereotype doesn’t really apply and neither in europe. The majority of white women i see with black men are usually decent looking and slim/curvy and im not saying this to make myself or others feel better as i generally don’t even date white women..

Black guys date who they want and if they are attracted to big fat ugly white women, or weather they are attracted to pretty skinny white women let them be!
And I don’t understand why people insult couples with two different racial backgrounds, its stupid. it’s almost like saying ” I cant stand seeing a tall guy with a short girl”
as far as the Asian/white couple Asian female white male are the number one interracial couple in America sooo….

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To be honest black men are one of the least preferred race of men (not racist but you can even find this on google) so reality is they take what they can get.

I’ve lived in. LA & Houston Texas (high populations of blacks) so I kind of know this to be true.

Black women (when they date out) usually are with handsome white men.
Most latinas I see are with Latino men occasionally white men.
Asian women most often are occupied by white men too. (They most often date out)

I know what you mean. I find it extremely RUDE that people always have to say that. Maybe, some have seen it but for them to start saying that fat white women only date black guys is silly. They make it sound like black guys have very low standards, and that isn’t true. I feel like it’s what they choose to believe because some people are just insecure and love to bring others down.

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I truely dnt care who sumone is dating
and all those people who do just need to get over theirselves, we are all human.

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